June 23, 2016 BUSINESS 212 Views

Gulmarg;In a significant far reaching endeavour to boost Tourism in J & K, new areas of picturesque Nagin, ahead of Gulmarg towards Butapathri were opened up for tourists today. The initiative is an outcome of concerted and joint efforts of the Tourism Department, J & K, Jammu Kashmir Police and Army wherein extensive deliberations and joint recce preceded this decision. Due security and regulatory mechanisms have been put in place to ensure safe and enjoyable experience for the tourists visiting Gulmarg.
The Army authorities at Gulmarg, under the aegis of Chinar Corps had been expeditiously pursuing this initiative in close coordination with J & K Tourism Department to facilitate further growth of tourism in the popular Gulmarg area blessed with pristine natural beauty. Opening at this time of Summer Season will accrue maximum benefits to locals by attracting even more tourists to these areas of Nagin ahead of Gulmarg. In the recent past, movies like ‘Sargoshi’ and ‘Idgah’ have also been shooting in these locations making them even more popular. Army’s effort in facilitating the early opening is another positive step towards well being of the Awaam and is being widely appreciated.

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