To check pilferage, govt to introduce colour-coded medicines in hospital pharmacy

Nisar Nabi Srinagar:
June 6, 2016 STATE 233 Views
To check pilferage, govt to introduce colour-coded medicines in hospital pharmacy

Jammu and Kashmir Health Minister Bhali Bhagat on Monday assured the House that his tenure will bring immense improvement in the health sector in the State.
Stressing on health and hygiene, Bhali Bhagat said, “there is no proper facility of hygiene and sanitation in our Government Medical Colleges, even we have sought out establishment of cabins for those who can eat in separate cabins including cold water facilities to be provided”, he said.
To prevent the pilferage of medicines from Government health institutions, the Government has devised a foolproof mechanism and Government supply will be of a specific colour coding strips/packing of Cyan Blue colour which will differentiate between Government and outside medicines. This mechanism will ensure zero pilferage of Government medicines, however, the Government will deal sternly with any act of pilferage of Government drugs and other material. Similarly, to ensure daily replacement of bed sheets in the hospitals, the Government has decided to procure multi-color bed sheets selecting the colours for different days, the Minister asserted.
Winding up the discussion on Demand of Grants for the Departments under his charge, the Minister appreciated the concerns of the Members for upgrading Health facilities in their respective areas. He said the Government will do justice with every area and ensure equitable distribution of resources and manpower as per the actual requirements of the area. The department will devise a well-knit mechanism to make available the requisite staff, medicines, diagnostic equipments and other infrastructural facilities in the health institutions, with special focus in rural and far-flung areas to provide improved medicare facilities to the patients at their doorsteps. The Government has already identified the gaps to improve the facilities and Government of India will be approached for providing necessary funds for plugging those, said the Minister.
Revealing a slew of measures initiated by the Government during its short stint of two months to rejuvenate the health sector, Bali Bhagat said that implementation of Free Drug Policy from 1st June in all the health institutions (except tertiary hospitals) is the landmark initiative as a large chunk of population of the state will benefitting from this programme. Most of the essential drugs will be available to the patients free of cost in the health institutions and doctors have been instructed to prescribe all the available drugs to the patients and the prescriptions will also be put to audit regularly to strictly enforce the policy. The details of the drugs and other facilities available in the hospitals will be prominently displayed for the information of the common man, said the Minister.

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