PDP-BJP coalition changed political narrative in favor of resolution:PDP

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October 19, 2016 CITY 221 Views
PDP-BJP coalition changed political narrative in favor of resolution:PDP

Reiterating that dialogue is the only way forward to resolve issues, ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today said that it will continue to play a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue and reconciliation.
Addressing a day long convention of the district presidents, zone presidents and senior party workers of the North Kashmir at Baramula, the senior party leader and Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Muzzafar Hussain Baig said the historic PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir has been able to change the political narrative as there is a strong political opinion building up across the country to address the J&K issue through meaningful talks.
He said that certain elements and groups have always attempted to stall the efforts aimed at improving relations between India and Pakistan. He said that the elements inimical to peace and resolution feel threatened by the will and act of PDP in this direction.
Mr Baig said that the PDP believes in the institution of dialogue and it will not allow anybody to sabotage the efforts which aim to bring peace. “The elements averse to good Indo-Pak relations and resolution of Jammu & Kashmir issue will not succeed in their efforts,” he said.
Referring to the current unrest in Kashmir Valley, he said it is a well thought-out conspiracy of the vested interests that are ardent critics & opponents of the PDP’s revolutionary agenda of reconciliation and resolution. Both separatist and some mainstream parties are behind the unrest to weaken the PDP. However, he said situation will improve soon.
He underlined that fact that PDP is not in the government for the sake of power but its aim is to unleash a new era of peace and development in the state. “It has been agreed in the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ that there has to be a sustained dialogue with everyone who wants peace in the state. And the PDP-BJP government will carry on with its mission to normalize the situation on the ground and usher in a new era of development,”Mr Baig added.
He said since it was in the Agenda of Alliance, no BJP Member of Parliament or leaders are now demanding abrogation of Article 370 when they were often raising this issue in the past before the alliance.
Lauding the peace efforts of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Mr Baig said the PM went to Pakistan to greet his counterpart Mian Nawaz Sharif, but it did not go well with the people who thrive on violence and don’t want good relations between the two countries.
He said the times have changed and peace has to be given a chance to pave way for a meaningful dialogue to happen.
Speaking on the occasion, the party General Secretary, Mohammad Sartaj Madni said that the party cadre has been making efforts to orient the public opinion on the possible roadmap which could address the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
He appealed to the people to facilitate the process of peace and normalcy on the ground. “The PDP is committed to the people friendly agenda and in no case will side-line pursuing solution of issues which it has been raising in opposition,” he added.
In his address, senior party leader, Nizamudin Bhat appealed to party workers to reach out to the common masses on the ground with the party’s message of peace, reconciliation and development.

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