Shining Star defeated Pampore Blues in T 20 cricket tournament

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December 25, 2016 SPORTS 297 Views
Shining Star defeated Pampore Blues in T 20 cricket tournament

In tune with its sustained efforts towards carrying out constructive activities for the young minds of the valley, the Army Camp at Shar-e-Shali organised a Inter Village T-20 Cricket Tournament. The tournament started with four teams participating in the event namely Shining Star, Pampore Blues, Kadalbal Eleven & Kadalbal Star. The tournament was played on a round robin basis over a period of five days culminating into final on 24 Dec 2016.

As the tournament progressed, the teams exhibited great professionalism and sporting skills.  In the churn that resulted due to some fierce competition, Shining Star and Pampore Blues emerged as the top two teams and qualified for the final match held on 24 Dec 2016. As expected the final turned out to be a true entertainer, in which Shining Star defeated Pampore Blues by 09 runs to clinch the much coveted Inter Village T-20 Cricket Championship title.

Over the period of last four days, the participating youths put everything behind and the positive energy on the field was evident. The tournament concluded with distribution of prize money and trophies to the winner and the runner-up teams while certificate of participation was awarded to all the playing members of the three teams. The whole event proved to be a reflection of increased bonhomie and trust between the Awaam and the Jawan.



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