Reviving library culture in valley

Umar Rasool
March 15, 2017 OPINION 368 Views

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero
A library is a building, room or organization that has a collection, especially of books, for people to read or borrow, usually without payment. Library is an ultimate source of knowledge. Library is heaven for readers. It provides virtuous atmosphere for reading. Books provided by libraries are great source of knowledge and wisdom for its seekers. A book is a true friend of man. Man realized importance of libraries thousands of years ago. Nowadays internet is major source of knowledge and learning that too fast and accurate, still libraries are considered an important cradle of wisdom and prudence. currently there are 140 active libraries in Jammu and Kashmir. Out of which 4 were recently digitalized.
Recently The Department of Libraries and Research on the initiative of Minister for Finance & Culture, Dr Haseeb Drabu launched a maiden ingenuity to provide free learning, coaching and counseling facilities to the students appearing in NEET, JEE and CET. It is a remarkable step taken by Mr.Drabu. Kashmir valley known for its marvelous beauty all over the world, has and is producing enormous talent in all fields. But unfortunately valley has witnessed gruesome violence and turmoil. This has badly paralyzed normal life of Kashmir. Like all Students are also victims of this violence. Their studies has affected to a great extent. Students that are belonging to poor families are also affected badly. They cannot afford quality education and books. This initiative will greatly benefit them. It is totally cost free. They can access plenty of books in calm atmosphere of library. In addition to it they will benefit from IT-enabled learning material including video lectures, e-books and written notes and much more. Whaelse is needed? The students of valley have excelled in every field, be it state level or national level.
Nevertheless it is a great adversity that with so many libraries in valley, the library culture is fading away rapidly. People hardly are now interested public libraries. These libraries are mostly found empty. Moreover the enrolment procedure in public libraries is very hectic. If one wishes to enroll in library, he has to fill a form and attest the same with A class Gazetted officer. The Gazetted officer is solely responsible if a book is lost or mishandled. This thing prevents Gazetted officers to attest the form of a student. The students are unable to attest their library forms. Not everyone is in reach of A class Gazetted offices. They ultimately are deprived of vast resources of library that actually are available for them. Well it is necessary to safeguard precious books and resources of library, but the process should be slightly different. The Department of Libraries and Research should alter this hectic enrolment procedure. It should be eased so that maximum students should get benefit from it. The library department must have realized this issue earlier .we hope they will redress this issue as soon as possible. There is a great need to revive the library culture in valley.
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