Hakim Yasin supports congress on forming policy planning group for JK

April 21, 2017 STATE 150 Views

While terming the Congress party’s decision to formulate a policy planning group for Jammu and Kashmir to “take forward the peace initiative” in the state, as a good step, Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khan sahib Friday said “it would have been better if the Congress had taken the such decision when they were in power.”
In a statement, Hakim Yasin said, “It would have been better had Congress taken such a decision when they were in power. How good it would have been if Congress would have taken the recommendations of Working Groups and other committees formed during their 10-year rule, to its logical conclusion. Had Congress addressed the issues then, the situation in the state would not have been so tense now.”
“But still it is a welcome decision as better late than never,” he said.
On senior BJP Minister Chandra Prakash Ganga’s statement that youth throwing stones in Kashmir should be dealt with bullets, he said, “Tassaduq Mufti has rued over dependence on military methods in Kashmir. It is a good statement. What is his stance on Prakash Ganga’s statement and what is his advice to his sister and the Chief Minister. If Tasaduq is sincere in his words shouldn’t he tell his sister to ask Prakash Ganga to step down and later resign herself? Then only Tasaduq statement carries any meaning.”
“If the leaders here think that Kashmiris are so innocent that they can’t understand the difference between right and wrong, they are mistaken. Kashmiris are politically mature enough to understand it. Tasaduq sahib says that Center is not doing this and that and the PDP will have to be firm to push forth ‘Agenda of Alliance.’ If they want to win the hearts of Kashmiris, why don’t they call of their alliance with the BJP,” he asked.
The PDF chief questioned Mehbooba Mufti why was she silent over BJP MP Subramanian Swamy’s statement that “the troubled Kashmir Valley should be de-populated and Kashmiris sent to refugee camps in Tamil Nadu to curb protests in the state.”
“Is PDP worried to speak over such issues? People like Ganga and Swamy are openly threatening Kashmiris and it seems the PDP government is not bothered about it,” he added. (KNS)

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