It is our moral and national obligation to protect minorities’ rights: Nawaz

April 18, 2017 INTERNATIONAL 171 Views

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday reassured members of Pakistan’s Christian community that Pakistan belonged to them and stressed that the country’s peace and prosperity was in the unity of all Pakistanis.
“I wish our Christian brothers and sisters living in Pakistan the happiness and joys of Easter,” a press release from the prime minister’s office quoted him as saying.
“It is our moral and national obligation to protect the constitutional rights of each and every Christian and all other minorities living in Pakistan, as enshrined in our Constitution,” he said in his Easter address.
Prime Minister Nawaz further noted that the Pakistani Christian community has and is playing an important role in the progress and development of the country.
“We deeply appreciate and are indebted to their valuable contributions and services towards our collective national objective of securing a truly strong, progressive and stable Pakistan,” he was quoted to have said in the release.
why don’t you first protect the majority first! not that minority is any less, but why don’t you full fill your basic obligations by giving homes, education, jobs! fix the basics and the rest will build up on it’s own!!!! minority will be the happiest if the majority are happy as well! THIS
Thank you Mr. Prime Minister. Let us now prove it with our actions that we respect our moral and national obligation to protect minorities. Several Ahmadis have been killed in recent months. Please punish those who killed them in the name of religion

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