Forces conduct frisking, searches in Srinagar

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July 17, 2017 CITY 166 Views
Forces conduct frisking, searches in Srinagar

The security forces and police conducted frisking and searches of vehicles on Sunday while windows of three-wheelers were removed in Srinagar city.
Forces set up nakas at several places in the city, conducting searches of vehicles and frisking travelers besides drivers.
A similar naka was established on Jehangir Chowk to Batmaloo bus stand road at headquarters of Fire and Emergency Department (F&ED), less than half a km from civil secretariat, seat of the government, including office of Chief Minister and her cabinet colleagues.
All vehicles, particularly two and three wheelers, were being stopped and properly searched. Driver and other travelers were also being frisked and their identity cards checked before allowing them to go.
Forces were also removing and seizing windows of three wheelers.
“ We have orders to remove the windows of all three wheelers and so far we have seized over two dozen windows since this morning,” a security force official said.
He said “though there is no specific information, but we are making sure that militants are not using three wheelers to travel from one place to another.”
Similar searches and frisking were also being conducted at other places.
Meanwhile, restrictions around the historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar have been lifted while life returned to normal in Anantnag in south Kashmir after four days.
All the gates of the Jamia Masjid, stronghold of chairman of moderate Hurriyat Conference (HC) Mirwaiz Moulvi Omar Farooq, are open Sunday. For the past five weeks no Friday prayers could be offered in the Masjid due to restrictions.
The gates were closed since July 12, when a local militant of Nowhatta area of the down town was killed in an encounter alongwith two others in central Kashmir district of Badgam.
Forces in the Jamia market had also been withdrawn and majority shops and business establishments were open Sunday. However, the number of customers was less as compared to normal days.
Though authorities lifted curfew like restrictions in the down town and Shehar-e-Khas (SeK) yesterday after three days, but restrictions around the Jamia Masjid and Pandan, Nowhatta, continued also yesterday, the fourth day fateha of local militant.UNI

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