Kill me I am Amaranth Yatri and a lover of Humanity

July 12, 2017 OPINION 208 Views
Kill me I am Amaranth Yatri and a lover of Humanity

The attack on Amaranth Pilgrims are cowardice and need strong condemnation. Whosoever had committed such Inhumane act is faraway from the principles of humanity and a biggest black hearted militant. We know militancy have no borders and can murder humanity in any place of the globe. This time militants have chosen the Kashmir Valley for executing it’s impure and cowardice strategy with an aim to defame the indigenous movement as well as the image of the valley. Militancy and Jihad are the different rather opposite to each other. Jihad means to strive or struggle for the cause of Islam, justice and righteousness. It can be waged by various means such as speeches, writings, wealth, enlightening fellow humans by oratory and discourses or writing books and articles is jihad. So also funding of welfare projects like schools, hospitals, roads, bridges is Jihad.
Islam is universal in outlook and speaks for humanity as a whole.It has no chosen race or people, nor does it give preferences to anyone except in terms of virtue and uprightness of character. If we want peace and conducive atmosphere in Kashmir, Then We have to loudly criticise and condemn the wrong doings in the valley. Whoever sees an evil let him change it with force, if he cannot then with his tongue and he cannot let him with his heart and this is undoubtedly, the weakest faith. Islam according to Prof.Toynbee is the religion which does not recognize the geographical barriers or the bars of colour, sects, caste etc.Islam endeavors to set up cooperation and close knitted society in which people enjoy equal rights, and their duties are tied to each other by the bounds of love, respect, and cooperation.
The shameful, sinful and cowardice attack on the Amaranth Yatris need strong condemnation and on the same time such things pits more responsibility on the people possessing human heart. The doing of good and forbidding of evil is one of the most important principles of faith and ensures the healthy progress of a society.
Every matter needs peaceful atmosphere and holistic discussion to find a solution. Bullet, Violence and terrorism will lead us towards annihilation . We are loosing our young generation to the gun. Encounters , Civil Killings, Hartals, stone pelting, burning of Institutions, ambush, and so on have become mouth piece of everybody living in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is true that Violence is met with the violence only but result of all this frenzy mess is that we are hastly moving towards the Civil war in the valley in which brother will kill his own brother without knowing the logic of execution such sinful act.
We Strongly condemn the violence that threatens life and express condolences to the bereaved families and pray for the haste recovery of those injured.
Social Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal and at contemporary studying at Jamia Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

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