22 killed, 100 injured after hospital catches fire in Odisha

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October 18, 2016 0 Comments NATIONAL 339 Views
22 killed, 100 injured after hospital catches fire in Odisha

In Odisha at least twenty two patients were killed and more than hundred were injured when fire broke out at SUM hospital apparently due to a short circuit. As per reports the fire broke out yesterday evening in the dialysis ward and it rapidly spread to ICU area and in no time fire engulfed the entire floor. Sources also revealed that toxic carbon monoxide fumes spread through the air conditioning duct system which caused immense suffocation to patients. Although staff had already tried to bring fire under control by using fire extinguishers but they couldn’t do much as it was a massive blaze, therefore it was a joint rescue operation by fire service, police and volunteers which bought fire under control and rescued the people. At least six fire engines were seen controlling the fire and it took nearly three hours to bring everything under control. As per the recent reports hospital authorities have suspended their three employees.

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