Abdullah Basti Ramgrah migration biggest unnoticed tragedy: Er Rasheed

BK Desk/Srinagar
January 23, 2017 CITY 431 Views

Appealing Government to give up its double standards Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) Chief and MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed Sunday sought immediate relief and rehabilitation package for Ramgrah migrants.
As per press statement issued to Brighter Kashmir, Er Rasheed while addressing a public gathering at Rakh Barortian Vijaypur, less is spoken about the rehabilitation of victims of Abdullah Basti Ramgrah who were “forcibly driven of their houses on 22nd of June 1999, by Army without a reason.”
Er. Rasheed said “Even majority of the people in the state and outside don’t know that hundreds of families were asked to leave their house for a night in Ramgrah only for the fault that they were Muslims and were told to return next day, as Army had some issues in the area. But when the villagers visited their houses next day they were forced to leave and since then are living like refugees at Rakh Barotian Vijaypur.”
“Infact their enforced migration is the biggest unnoticed tragedy May anybody ask if Pandits and WP Refugees do get packages and everybody speaks about them, why doesn’t anyone utter even a word towards this human tragedy of these Muslim families,” he added.
Er. Rasheed alleged that these migrant families are being constantly harassed and sought immediate financial and other packages for the citizens of the state.
He warned Government of dire consequences if it fails to give them their rights.
Later,Er. Rasheed visited the house of Mohammad Yaqoob who was “martyred” last year at Suroor Samba by “RSS goons” and offered his condolences.
He asked Government to explain why those who killed Yaqoob have been roaming free and the officers who facilitated killing has been awarded with promotions. He also visited injured families of Suroor victims. Prominent who spoke on the occasion included patron of GBSWA Talib Hussain, Advocate Qadri Tawqir and prominent activists Lal Hussain.

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