Adventure Tourism Festival Started in Bhaderwah

Mohd Majid Malik/ Bhaderwah
March 21, 2018 SPORTS 277 Views

The Bhaderwah Development Authority and state tourism department started 10 days training courses to youths belonging to different states of the country in the in adventure activities such as rafting, paragliding etc. The training is part of a project under which the state tourism department and Bhaderwah Development Authority will open new destinations for water sports, aero sports, para gliding and other adventure activities in Bhaderwah tourist destination .According to Dr Rajinder Khajuria , BDA , “With the help of experts, the tourism department and BDA has conducted a survey and identified locations in different areas of Bhaderwah which included tourist destination Padri , Jai valley , Chattergala , Khelanai , Nalthi , Lake view resort Gatha , TRC Dandi , Bhaderwah fort and four star hotel Teligarh that will be developed for aero sports also .”CEO said that rivers like Chenab and Neeru have been identified to promote water sports such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing etc.He , said, “The trained youth will be able to start their own tourism venture when many new opportunities open up.”Assistant Director Tourism department Doda Shazia Rehman said, that their efforts to establish Bhaderwah valley as a prominent tourism destination has borne fruit. He said this destination would also provide employment to local youth and, develop the surrounding areas as tourism hotspots as well.Various adventure activities such as jet skiing, paragliding, kayaking, canoeing, rafting were performed before the audience for 10 days in different locations .

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