Adverse Advt Policy

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Adverse Advt Policy

Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly Speaker, Kavinder Gupta has directed the Department of Information to review the New Advertisement Policy after some of the members including MLA Kulgam, Muhammad Yusuf Taragami raised concern over the policy. The members demanded that the New Advertisement policy be reviewed and a linnet view be taken to the second-row, non-approved newspapers. Jammu Kashmir Editors Association (JKEA) has been demanding “due amendments” in the “anti-newspapers” advertisement policy approved by the government recently. JKEA has said that new advertisement policy is “anti—newspapers” and totally detrimental to the interests of the ‘Fourth Pillar of Democracy.” “It is apt to cause a big dent to J&K based newspaper Industry and they shall be forced to take harsh steps if due amendments are not made by the government. The members including Editors have raised concern over the policy, saying  amendments need in respect of curbing ample powers given to the Information Department, which will now serve as ‘vigilance department’ and not as Public Relations Office. Everything would have been hunky dory, if the Information department wouldn’t had given free hand to non-professionals and “illiterate Editors” for launching their newspaper titles. While Kashmir witnessed a massive turmoil and trouble from last over two decades, every sector witnessed its brunt. Every sector was left with some impact. In professions like Medicine, or Engineering, professionals preferred green pastures like London, US, Dubai. However ironically in the field of journalism; we had massive encroachment in these years. Someone who was working as a tea maker in a newspaper office started his own newspaper. Newspaper titles started growing up.  People would find it easy to take refuge into the profession. Qualification was no criteria. Quality was no bar.  Newspaper numbers grew up from 5 to 10, 10 to 50, 50 500 and still on. Now comes the Advt Policy by the Information Department.  The State Cabinet had deferred a decision on increasing, from present one year to three years, the eligibility period of upcoming newspapers for entitlement to government advertisements. They even had said the State has a limited role in allowing new newspapers which is predominantly being controlled by the Registrar of Newspapers of India (RNI), Government of India. At present there are more than 620 newspapers which get published from both Jammu and Kashmir. The number is over 330 in Jammu and 290 in Kashmir.  The question remains why is there so much of uneven distribution of advertisements to the newspapers. Why are rich getting richer and poor getting poorer? Answers are clear, because there is a deep nexus between departments, Department of Information and some of the so called leading handful newspapers, who have been manipulating their numbers when it comes to assessment. Hope Mehbooba led government would take a linnet view.

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