All party meeting a guilt induced hogwash of the govt :NC

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July 22, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 412 Views

National Conference on Thursday Slammed the PDP- BJP government for being ‘non serious’ on the situation in kashmir calling the ‘All party’ meeting a “guilt induced hogwash’ of the state government to absolve itself of its failures”


National Conference spokesperson while calling the Boycott of ‘All party’ meeting the ‘right thing’, said that the non seriousness and arrogance of this government can be seen from the fact that neither did the CM have any concrete plan to offer in the ‘all party’ nor felt the need to visit the hospitals where young boys are battling for their life.

“We had already said that this meet was a futile exercise since the credibility of this governments leadership is in question” the National conference spokesperson said adding “What was the efficacy of this meeting which couldn’t even recommend lifting curfew, restarting mobile phones, visiting hospitals,  or even ordering stopping usage of pellet guns” he said


Calling the government dictatorial and insensitive the NC spokesperson said that the valley is under curfew from past 14 days with people craving for essential commodities but the government is busy in its photo ops.


“Some concrete steps like restraint and immediate assistance to hospitals need to be taken instead of referring or passing everything to delhi” the NC spokesperson


Complementing the volunteers who were providing free food and medicines to the patients and their attendants in absence of any help from the government NC spokesperson said “While the volunteers did a great job its surprising why the government has asked them to close down all voluntary activities” adding “ Instead of complementing them the government is warning them.


Reacting to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that he would establish direct communication with the people of Kashmir, especially the youth, the National conference said that that in the absence of a concrete plan the statement lacks conviction, nothing was said by the HM that would seethe the anger on the ground and unless and until Kashmir issue is not seen as a political issue and addressed politically, the recourse to managing the issue militarily or any other way will be nothing but waste of time”


“BJP vetoed any language that would have helped address the anger on the ground in Kashmir” said NC spokesperson said adding “The approach is flawed and it’s total lack of understanding and addressing the conflict is making things worse”


 “If no prudent policies vis-à-vis Kashmir are employed, this alienation of the  people will only grow” adding “Unless a comprehensive redesign of policy towards Kashmir and all stakeholders incorporated in the process of building peace and resolving the conflict in Kashmir is crafted, all the other exercises will prove futile” the statement read.

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