As winter approaches sales of woolen clothes shoot up in Srinagar

BK Correspondent/Srinagar
November 14, 2017 CITY 363 Views

As the chill is intensifying across the Kashmir, people have started wearing woolen clothes .
The sale of warm clothes new as-well-as second-hand ones have started shot up in the Srinagar city in particular.
The sale of woolen clothes, including warm Jackets, Trousers,blankets,Sweaters and electronic heating appliances have increased as people rushed to buy them. Shopkeepers and footpath vendors all over the city were seen busy in making their business of warm clothes
Customers were seen on making human chain around the vendors amidst jostling and haggling for a bargain price.
The vendors and shop keepers were doing brisk business as their warm clothes were selling like hot cakes. Mohammad Yasin, a footpath vendor, who sells warm clothes at Batamaloo said, with the decrease in the temperature,our business is going very well today as the demand for winter clothes have risen.”My sale has tripled today and I expect that in the days ahead these will go up further. Earlier I used to make profit of 200 to 300 rupees daily, but today I made a profit of more than 500 rupees.”
Farooq Ahmad , a College student from Batara, who too was in market to buy warm clothes said “The prices of warmclothes are out of reach for a common man on the shops. I therefore rushed to second-hand cloth stalls were we get qualityclothes at an affordable price.”
Different kinds of warm clothes like Jackets, Sweaters, Mufflers, Trousers were seen hanging in front of the shops.
Nawab Ahmad, who owns a shop in the Lalchowk, wished not to mention the name of his shop, said “We have no other option other than to sell warm clothes on higher rates because we have bought them at higher prices”.

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