Assist to raise infrastructure for quality goods in Handloom, Handicraft export, Nizamuddin to govt

Business Desk/Srinagar
September 27, 2017 BUSINESS 221 Views

Vice Chairman for Corporations of Handloom and Handicraft Development Nizamuddin Bhat has sought government assistance to raise the infra structure for quality goods in Handloom.
He has also exhorted upon the administrative Department to galvanise support for Handicraft export. Bhat said without marketing of Kashmir Art in International business centres, the state will lay behind and Kashmir will lose its dominance in the art and craft.
He said that un organized sector in Handloom and Handicraft is facing more challenges in abdsence of a more harmonious policy to sustain and promote the trade.
Interacting with several stake holders, he said that it has been a persistant desire of the government to restore Handloom and Handicraft sector to its prestine glory. That is why, post- flood the present dispensation extended Financial Assistance to make up for damages suffered by two corporations. The private sector also got incentives which are helping weavers, craftsmen and embroiders to remain devoted to their profession in time with its established standards.
Bhat said that while union government has opened several schemes for indigenous growth of the art and craft, state government remained concerned for extending required market support and quality control.
However, acknowledging that both Handloom and Handicraft of the state faces tough competition from other states, market avenues have for J&K need to expanded, Bhat said government will have to do added effort to enable the dealers to compate in the open market.
He said that government support has to come in respect of a harmonious and effective policy which should be aimed at pro-active approach to instill confidence among the weaver, artists and craftsmen to preserve the tradition and push this indigenous employment sector further up.
He said inclusive and cooperative approach alone can help to boost the two sectors. Besides this the available resources need to be utilized in a coordinated manner allowing the private and public sector to come together, he added.
Bhat said he will invite proposal from the stake holders for consideration of the government in this direction and hoped that they will cooperate.

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