Attack on Amarnath Pilgrims and Kashmiryat

Zeshan Anjum
July 15, 2017 0 Comments OPINION 172 Views

Among many other black spots on Kashmiriat one was the recent attack on returning pilgrims from amaranth at Batengoo in south Kashmir Anantnag district. The facts and reasons behind this very unfortunate and coward attack are very clear as they wanted to create an illusion of terror and communal tension all over the country. Despite going by the facts many intellectuals across the state, link it with the upcoming Gujrat elections. Some started questioning the character of the bus driver who risked his life and showed extra courage and saved 51 lives of the passenger, just because his name was Salim Sheikh. But Alhamdulillah other than these mongers we have a lot of human beings for that humanity is foremost present in Kashmir and all over the India that has been proved.
As Kashmir and Kashmiriat are passing through a very tough and worst time. Every day on an average 5 dead bodies reaches to their houses across Kashmir, no matter they are innocent civilians, stone pelters, police, or militants. Target killing, torches, and attacks are their daily business now and they are used to it now. At this point of time u can’t even think of or expect such gesture which the whole world has witnessed from Kashmiris, this is a matter great respect and honor for Kashmir and Kashmiriyat. Kashmiris unexpectedly did this wonderful job and flashed the message of humanity across the globe. They proved that Kashmiriyat for which Kashmir is known as do exists in Kashmir.
Hundreds of locals across Kashmir protested against this with candle lights, bands and asking human rights organizations to intervene into the matter for probe and deface the real culprits behind.
When injured were brought up in local hospitals hundreds of Kashmiri youngsters thronged toward hospitals to give their blood, what can be more important than this.
Peoples having different faiths different political ideology, separatists, Azadi brigade, businessmen etc everyone condemned this coward incidence.
Kashmiri need to understand that this situation which has been created by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir is very destructive for Kashmir and kashmiriyat both, may be it a social or religious aspect of Kashmir or economic point of view both will suffer a lot. They simply want to handicap Kashmir and Kashmiri future so that no one can emerge to face the truth.
The result of this attack might have been worst if people of Jammu division might not have been acted intelligently. Patience and intelligence of both the communities in Jammu division need to be applauded, which stood equally to condemn such coward activity rather indulging in communal violence in Jammu and across India.
Just one incident of communal tension was recorded at Hissar in Haryana, that too was condemned by every intellect of the country despite going by the religion. This is a very clear message to those communal forces in Pakistan, Kashmir or India, that youth here is not any more stupid these days. They have understood the value of brotherhood and peace now.
As for as Kashmir dispute is concerned the only solution left is bilateral talks, dialogue, and peace. Violence had never been a solution in history.
‘en eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’
There is no future of Kashmir’s tourist industry without Indian tourists, and without tourism, there is no development in Kashmir .Let’s pray and hope for peace and prosperity in Kashmir.

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