Attacks on Jammu Muslims unacceptable: Malik

January 14, 2017 STATE 535 Views
Attacks on Jammu Muslims unacceptable: Malik

Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that attacks on Muslims living in Jammu division are not “acceptable” to people.
In a statement issued to Brighter Kashmir, Malik said, “Attacks on Muslims living in various parts of Jammu division is not acceptable to any Kashmiri and recent attacks in Kathua and criminal silence of the rulers on these attacks actually clears the fact that RSS led PDP-BJP rule in Jammu Kashmir are hell bent upon destroying the fabrics of unity in our society and are promoting communalism for their lust of power and authority.”
Malik said that “attacks on Muslims and intimidating them started long back from Gool Gulab Garh and now this condemnable exercise is being practiced in Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Kishtwra, Baderwah,Rambhan, Kuhutwa, Udampor and other parts and areas of Jammu region.”
JKLF chief added, “RSS and other communal organization backed by it have been given a free hand to terrorize Muslims and recent attacks on Muslims and burning down their properties is a glaring example of free hand.”
Malik said, “This government sponsored communal terrorism is not acceptable to any Kashmiri and we as a living nation stand against it and want to assure our brethren in Jammu region that we are on their back and ready to do everything possible for stopping chauvinist attacks on them.”
While rejecting the recent packages and orders of probes by the Chief Minister, JKLF chairman said, “Killers cannot become judges and provide justice to their victims.”
He said, “Previous probes and commissions be these judicial or any other, never provided justice to the victims of oppression and never charged or booked any killer or oppressor in the past also but present rulers have actually crossed the limits of brazenness by appointing police officers the job of providing justice to their victims.”
Malik said, “After killing and blinding our young men and women, shameless rulers are now putting a cost on their lives and eye sights and are trying to provide a clean chit to their rampaging forces by appointing killers as the judges.”
He said that for five months forces and police vandalized and destroyed people’s properties, orchards and crores worth crores but these shameless rulers today are saying that forces destroyed nothing which shows the audacity of these power hungry people.”
Malik said that Kashmiri reject these “gimmicks and politics of deceit and want to tell these shameless rulers that their hypocritical policies and anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri politics stand exposed now. “
Meanwhile, scores of JKLF leaders and activists staged a peaceful protest sit-in near press enclave against growing attacks on Muslims in Jammu especially recent attacks on Muslims in Kuthuwa.
According to the statement, JKLF leaders Javed Ahmad Zargar, Muhammad Yasin Butt, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Sheikh Khalid, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, professor Javed along with activists in large numbers took out a protest rally from JKLF office at Abiguzar Lal Chowk and marched towards Lal Chowk center.
Mukhtar Ahmad Sofi and Firdous shah were also present in the protest.
“Police and forces had blocked the road leading towards Lal Chowk center that forced the participants of the rally to sit-down on a peaceful sit-in,” the statement reads.
Various JKLF leaders addressed the protesters who were raising slogans in favor of freedom and against intimidating Muslims living in Jammu region by RSS backed ‘Hindu chauvinists’.
The protest was organized on the appeal of joint resistance leadership and protestors sat down on road for about an hour and later ended peacefully.

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