Authorities suspend mobile internet 20 times in JK this year

BK Correspondent/Srinagar
May 14, 2018 TOP STORIES 213 Views
Authorities suspend mobile internet 20 times in JK this year

Authorities in last four months has snapped internet 20 times in the state due to the unfavourbale situation, reveals an inter shutdown tracking organisation.
This year the snapping of internet service was seen frequent district wise especially during the shifting of protests to educational institutes.
More often south Kashmir has witnessed such situation, which this year reported maximum number of encounters between forces and militants.
As per the data compiled by the organisation, so far year 2017 saw more internet shutdowns in J&K even than the unrest-hit 2016.
As per the data compiled by the Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC), a Delhi-based not-for-profit organisation, of the 177 internet blockade instances in India since last seven years, out of which 80 happened in J&K.
Internet services were shut 32 times in 2017 as compared to 10 internet shutdowns in 2016, highlighting how muzzling the virtual communication has been the go-to strategy for the authorities in the valley.
These 35 times accounted for 66% of the total suspension of internet services in India in the two years.
The longest period of mobile internet blackout happened after the killing of popular militant commander Burhan Wani on July 8 last year. Post-paid mobile internet services were restored in mid-November, while pre-paid services returned on January 30 this year.
According to the data, most of the internet shutdowns have taken place in three south Kashmir districts.
In the year 2015, 2014 and 2013, J&K witnessed five internet shutdowns each and three internet blockades in 2012.
The common reason authorities give to choke internet is preventing violence fueled by rumours circulated on social media or mobile messaging applications.

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