Beat the Plastic Pollution

Tariq Mantoo
June 10, 2018 OPINION 139 Views
Beat the Plastic Pollution

The world has progressed a lot but with this progress, the amount of harmful and toxic wastes have increased a lot. Earth is the only planet in the solar system with the life. Today our blue planet is afflicted with environment issues that are life threatening. Our actions on the individual, social and global levels have contributed to environmental degradation. People have seen from the last few decades exploited natural resources tremendously damage to blue planet a lot . India as the global host of 2018 world environment day every year held on 5th June. The theme of the conference was, “BEAT THE PLASTIC POLLUTION” invites us all to consider how we can make changes in to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on natural places. From the last few decades plastic has affected both terrestrial life as well oceanic life.
Common people use plastic for everything but only the few people know it is most harmful because it does not degrade rapidly in the nature. Everyday more and more plastic is accumulating in the oceans as a result thousands of marine creatures die. It choke or block their intestine or causes infection in those animals that consume it. Recently it was in news those sea birds, turtles, penguins and other marine animals being killed each year with a rapid rate by consuming plastic materials. More than one lakh terrestrial animals die every year due to plastic bags. Many times I too observed animals like cow, dog, donkey ingest plastic bags mistaken them food and die. As per world survey around the world one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. Every year people all over the world use up to five trillion disposable plastic bags. It takes one thousand year for a plastic bag to decompose into minute pieces. Each year eight million of plastic ends up in the oceans.
The love of the packaged goods and throw away culture, modern society has turned the beautiful planet into garbage grounds. In developing countries especially women folk uses cosmetic products frequently but unfortunately they don’t know a single cosmetic product releases 5000-95000 micro plastic ingredients that kill thousands of marine animals each year. We are surrounded by plastic, people like to use it but in the long run it will show a drastic effect on both marine as well land life. There is an urgent need to create awareness among people to protect environment in the current situations and the usage of plastic. More than 40 countries around the world have banned plastic bag. The UNEPS has recommended ban on all plastic bags globally. it is our collective responsibility to save the environment and government of Jammu and Kashmir should also taken necessary measures to protect environment and banned plastic bags completely and severe punishment for those who promote the use of plastic bags.

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