Big B Opps BiG C: The Superstar Cow

Muhammad Asif Rashid
March 20, 2017 0 Comments OPINION 427 Views

A last couple of recent years have been in news for some of the life changing as well as funny events that took place during them. 2014 was the year of floods and 2016 was the year of pellets. In between these two serious years (2014 and 2016) which gave a lot of pain to the people of valley was the year 2015 which gave them a reason to smile because of one of its funny events regarding the COW. It won’t be wrong if 2015 is called as the YEAR OF THE COW.
Before I say anything about this holy animal, let me give a small introduction on the history of its great personality. The word “COW” came via Anglo-Saxon cu from Common Indo-European gwous meaning a bovine animal, Persian—gav and Sanskrit—go. An adult male is called a bull. A wild, young, unmarked bull is known as a micky in Australia. An un branded bovine of either sex is called a maverick in the USA and Canada. An adult female is called a cow. Cows are the most common type of large domesticated animals in the world and are raised as livestock for meat (beef and veal), as dairy animal for milk and other dairy products, and as draft animal (oxen or bullocks) that pull carts, plows and other implements. Other products include leather and dung for manure or fuel. Cows are also known as the cattle which came from the Old French word “chattel” meaning property. Cows are considered to be the oldest form of wealth and cattle raiding one of the earliest forms of theft.
According to the Chinese horoscopes, cow is one of the zodiac signs people are born with. In Chinese Five Element theory, cow contains mainly Female Earth. In 2015 cow people were advised to spend more time on their jobs and not to expect any windfall or good money luck. The love relationship for them in 2015 was not good. They were expected to spend extra money in medicine, car repair, bad investment, robbery, or be cheated and were advised to pay attention on their kidney, bladder, intestines and stomach, and learn how to manage their schedule and reserve time for enough rest and relax after work. I am not sure whether these predictions were true or not but one thing which is for sure is that the year 2105 not only in India but in Valley also was truly a year of cow and the cow emerged as the biggest SUPERSTAR of the 2015.
It started with the ban on beef in Maharashtra followed by the mob lynching incident at Dadri. Then the fuel was added to the fire by the J&K High Court banning the cow slaughter in State which led several protests and demonstrations by the people in the valley who took it as an interference in their religious rituals. Cow slaughter photos and videos were uploaded and shared on the social media sites by the angry people in retaliation to the court order. Beef party was organized by the MLA Langate Er. Rashid and in retaliation to this he was not only beaten and slapped by the BJP members in the Assembly but ink was also smeared on his face in New Delhi by Hindu hardliners. In addition to this several other beef parties were organized across the India. This led to debates and discussions and took the shape of famous beef controversy and gave birth to the word INTOLERANCE. It started the process of award wapsi by the intellectuals and even Parliament proceedings came to a standstill many a times in 2015. Many political leaders made controversial statements in regard to the cow issue. Sangeet Som said—“a strong law should be enacted against cow slaughter and killers should be booked under section 302 of the IPC.” Sakshi Maharaj said—“we won’t remain silent if somebody tries to kill our mother. We are ready to kill and get killed.” Sadhvi Prachi citing the Dadri murder said—“those who consume beef deserve such actions against them.” Retired Justice Markandey Katju said—“I eat beef and I don’t consider cow as mother as it is an animal like horse and dog.” Digvijay Singh, Satyapal Singh, Asaduddin Owaisi and Mahesh Sharma were among several others who tried to cash in the cow controversy. So it would not be wrong to say that in 2015 it was not the Hafiz Syed or the Dawood Abrahim who gave sleepless nights to the Indain Govt and agencies but it was the cow—the master mind behind the 2015 unrest in India in the name intolerance.
Although many other things happened in 2015 such as politics remained an all-consuming passion through the year. Elections in Bihar and shameful defeat of BJP at the hands of APP in New Delhi. Sunny Leone was the most searched female celebrity, Salman Khan was the most searched male celebrity and MS Dhoni was the most searched sports celebrity alongwith Apple and iPhone-6 as the most searched gadgets. Sanaskari Bond(James), APJ Abdul Kalam’s death, Sheena Bora Murder case, Vyapam Scandal, Juvenile Justice Bill passed by parliament and the release of juvenile in Nirbhaya rape case, release of secret files on Subhash Chandra Bose by West Bengal Govt, rise of ISIS and 2015 World Cup remained in the news also but it was the Cow, the Holy Cow, the Humble Cow which topped the list and emerged as “PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR”, leaving behind all other high-profile contenders for the top spot. The review was based on users daily search habits and an editorial selection of what they read, recommended and shared most on Yahoo. The cow became the national icon beating the biggies like Modi with his 56inch broad chest and even 6feet 2inch Amitabh Bachchan looked dwarf in front of it. People found cow sexier and more seductive then Sunny Leone. The BJP-ruled state of Rajasthan had a cow minister and there were demands that the cow should replace the tiger as the national animal. There is even a journal called The Indian Cow—Love 4 Cow to propagate and promote love for cows.
Cows may seem like simple creatures but there’s more to these ruminants than meets the eye. Its indeed an honour and pleasure for me to put light on some of the hidden features of the great personality of the cow—The world’s most expensive cow is the Missy, bought in 1.2 million US$ at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2009. The first ever cow to make from cow sheds to professional examination is the Brown Cow from Kashmir. The first cow to fly in an airplane and to be milked on the airplane is the Elm Farm Ollie. Moos are not the only sound cows make, calves make a sound called bawling, while bulls bellow. Cows have their own unique fingerprints and no two cows have the same set of spots.
Thus cows may appear simple but have extra-ordinary qualities that’s why a person with extra-ordinary talent who does not show-off is referred to as Chup-Gaaw (chupa rustam) in Kahmiri language.
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