Braid Chopping In Kashmir

A Coward Act of Mentally Sick Persons

Dr G.M. Athar
October 12, 2017 OPINION 239 Views

During the war time and in conflict situations the women have been the victims of mutual hostility and vindictiveness. Victimization of women as a barbaric strategy to subdue the opponent has been the notorious method of oppression in many parts of the world irrespective of region, religion, language and ethnicity. The centuries old ethos of oriental civilization is based on aesthetic appeal for truth, beauty and goodness, which in Indian subcontinent is being admired as love for satyam, shivam, sundaram. The present day ethical degradation of some devil persons from among the worshippers of truth, beauty and goodness, has brought down the head of every right thinking person in shame in our part of the subcontinent, because of targeting the women to create fear psychosis in the Kashmiri community.
The recent incidents of braid chopping in Kashmir are first of its kind in the entire history of Kashmir. The blame for such anti-woman barbaric actions is being leveled both against the state and non-state actors, who are involved in the territorial dispute over Kashmir. There is no authentic proof to blame the specific culprits and spell out their objectives behind such anti-woman actions. There are however, certain theories put forth to explain this ugly phenomenon in Kashmir. The most popular theory put forth to explain the braid chopping is Kashmir is related to the so called ‘national security’. The proponents of this theory believe that since the indigenous and foreign militants are constantly attacking the Indian forces with the support of local population who provide food and shelter to these anti-national elements. In addition to this the intermingling of militants with the local population makes it difficult for the counter-insurgency agencies to make a distinction between the civilians and the militants. The strategy of braid chopping to create fear psychosis among the local community has been therefore adopted by the state actors to discourage people from making free movement after the sunset and discourage them about providing shelter to the alien persons. There is a counter narrative as well. Some people consider braid chopping as the handiwork of non-state actors who want to project the human rights violations of the Indian forces in Kashmir so as to mobilize the human rights and feminist activists against the crimes against women committed by the Indian state in Kashmir. There is a third conservative narrative as well. Some people believe that since the college and university girls as well as the women working in government offices etc. roam around bareheaded, so braid chopping is aimed at enforcing Sharia in personal and social life in Kashmir.
Whosoever are responsible for braid chopping in Kashmir and whatever are their objectives to indulge in such anti-woman activities, no civilized person can condone these barbaric acts. The month long delay in nabbing these coward and mentally sick persons involved in heinous crime against the women, the government of Jammu and Kashmir headed by a woman herself, has dashed to ground the hopes of Kashmiri people in general and the Kashmiri women in particular. It is the responsibility of the state government to apprehend these miscreants to restore confidence and a sense of security among the common masses in Kashmir.


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