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Jago Grahak

March 22, 2017 343 Views

World Consumer Rights Day is observed on 15 March every

Parliamentary Polls

March 17, 2017 320 Views

While Jammu and Kashmir is going to Parliamentary polls, Hurriyat

Mounting Militancy

March 16, 2017 354 Views

The incidents of militancy have shown a sharp increase, particularly

Curb Drug Menace

March 15, 2017 404 Views

Drug and Food Control Organization has recalled two “sub-standard” drugs

Trampling Laws

March 14, 2017 300 Views

There is a lot happening as far as the politics

Parking Problems

March 13, 2017 288 Views

Come summer, the summer capital Srinagar faces huge inconveniences with

Doctor-pharma nexus

March 12, 2017 428 Views

Health Minister Bali Bhagat startlingly revealed that over the past