Channelise youth energy

November 4, 2017 EDITORIAL 312 Views
Channelise youth energy
Youth can play a very vital part in shaping up the political history of the turbulent state of Jammu and Kahsmir is concerned. The Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti remarked that youth of the State are her priority and her government was doing every bit to reach out to the youth with many avenues. However the fact is that so far PDP-BJP government came into power, the youth of the State, especially, Kashmir region have been pushed to the wall. The protesting youth of the Kashmir region have been thrashed, blinded with pellets and put behind bars under Draconian laws. In a conflict-ridden zones like Kashmir, where there is a severe leadership crisis, as far as engaging with the masses, empowering them politically, economically and socially was concerned. There is a firm
belief that there isn’t just one model or hero that fits into the situation, who actually thinks of bringing a change in the overall scenario. The Kashmir situation is a unique one. The people here need a proper and timely direction,which will impact their lives socially and politically in a positive way. Amid political uncertainty, there are some vital areas including health, education, environment and business that are at the receiving end. So an impressive and powerful intervention is needed to initiate a process of change at the grassroots. The chief minister must understand that youth of the Kahsmir region not only need attention but the Government must come clean on it’s policies as far as engaging with the youth of the valley is concerned. The power of youth here needs proper chanazing. The Government should develop a mechanism where youth are not mistreated and their rights are not violated. The Government in that way will have a sigh of relief. They need leadership to incalctae them with leadership qualities. When one looks at the noble laureate and change-maker of Bangladesh, Prof Muhammad Yunus – a social entrepreneur, banker, economist and civil society leader, who thought out of the box when other academics like him were busy within the four walls of their classrooms. He founded the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance. These loans are given to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. The Bank through their efforts of microcredit creates economic and social development from
below. Such types of intervention is need of the hour in an economically-hit region. Kashmir has created history not in progress but in witnessing turbulent times and ha broken all the records with
regard to strikes, hartals, curfews etc. While as the government clams down curfews and restricts people to move outside their homes when they feel “national interest/security” was in danger. So the population remains always at the receiving end. This situation has given rise to a volatile trend where not only poor are becoming poorer but many aspiring entrepreneurs are leaving the restive region for greener pastures. A model like Prof Yunus’s should be adopted to engage greater masses, especially youth in order to create a greater impact. The efforts will not only bring laurels to the State but also set Kashmir out of the clutches of poverty and political uncertainty. Mehbooba Mufti’s politics of engaging with the youth of Kahsmir will be seen in the next phase of the elections how she helped to reach out to the people, especially the agitating population of the Kahsmir valley.

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