Coaching Centres: A tale of deceit and deception

Syed shakir
August 4, 2017 OPINION 490 Views

In order to attract more students to join their coaching centres, illegal and deceit means are being adopted by faculty and heads of coaching centres in Kashmir. Recently, a very stinky act of some coaching centres operating in upper city’s Parraypora hamlet was exposed by a local tabloid and then development stories were carried by various local dailies. Hoarding and full page advertisements were given by these coaching Centres in which they were congratulating their NEET qualified students. Ridiculous was that various students featured in these advertisements among few were Peshawar attack students who received martyrdom after gunmen barged into an Army run school in Peshawar.
The trend of attracting students by illegal means is prevalent in Kashmir since a long time. It has not happened for the first time but various reports have came into our notice since long. Sky touching fee and dues are charged by coaching centres in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Most of the coaching centres operating here are also not registered. Last year government issued order for coaching centres to get registered but that could not wake up heads of all the institutes. No doubt raids and closure of illegally running coaching centres is talk of the day but after a short span of time these centres start their operation again. Is it output of the nexus between authorities and these coaching centres? Charging hefty amount on students goes unchecked here. This needs to be answered by the authorities.
Recently an advertisement given by a coaching institute namely Hope classes contained photographs of 30 students who according to them have qualified NEET-2017 entrance examination for MBBS and another list of 30 students who have qualified JEE-2017 entrance examination for Engineering were fraud.
When a Journalist associated with reputed tabloid of the state examined the list of qualified students and the result was shocking. One of the student featured in the list named as Mohd Yaqiob who as per them have qualified MBBS examination. The image featured of the Mohd Yaqoob was of one of the victim of Peshawar Army school terror attack that consumed lives of about 140 students on that bloody day. The attack came in December 2014 which shaked people all over the world. Another student who was featured in NEET and JEE list by the name of Irfan Ahmad is actually Shahveer Jafry, a Pakistani YouTube sensation. Another girl student who was featured in both JEE and NEET qualifiers list by the name of Hadiya Jan, her photo has been taken from Alamy- a photo stock website.
The story of deceit and deception does not end here. An other coaching centre running in Parraypora area of Srinagar city named as VIPS-T ( Valley Institute of professional studies) featured images of 03 students in their congratulation note published by various local dailies were already featured in the list of qualifiers carried out by Hope classes. The students are Shaheera, Aarifa Mumtaz and Aasif Ahmad Malik. However VIPS-T authorities made their point that they were students if their institute in 2016 and didn’t either HOPE classes or any other institute in 2017. They said that obviously credit goes to their institute where teachers taught them with sincerity and dedication.
When the news about fraud pictures carried by HOPE classes was circulated, it received heavy criticism on social media. Then HOPE classes came with corrigendum and said that it was mistakenly
done by designer To how extent is it true? God knows better. But as responsible citizens they should not have taken to such practice. Educating students is a noble job and should be practicised with utmost dedication, sincerity and morality.
Talking of the responsibilities of authorities shouldn’t they book such doers under relevant sections of law for cheating parents, students and people? Yes they should be , so that it becomes an example for everyone who took to such condemnable practices. Government also should categorise coaching centres on the basis of their standard and quality of education being given by them and should frame fee structure accordingly so that parents and students are not exploited in any manner.

(Author is a Journalism student at University of Kashmir and writes for various news organisations also and can be mailed at

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