Condition of Dilip Kumar no better , since admission : Hoapital source

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August 4, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 327 Views
Condition of Dilip Kumar no better , since admission : Hoapital source

Yesteryear superstar Dilip Kumar, who was rushed to Lilavati Hospital in Bandra on Wednesday, is battling kidney failure, doctors said on Thursday. The 94-year-old actor, who was initially admitted with complaints of dehydration and urinary complications, was yet to undergo dialysis till late in the evening.
After being initially admitted to a ward, the actor was shifted to the ICU as his urinary problems prevailed. Speaking to TOI, Ajaykumar Pandey, vice president of Lilavati Hospital said, “His kidney functions are yet to normalize. We are closely monitoring his condition. We have not started dialysis as yet”. The thespian is admitted under a team of nephrologists and physicians, including Dr Jalil Parkar and cardiologist Dr Nitin Gokhale. The hospital refused to elaborate on the actor’s health status. “His parameters are not stable, but he is not critical either. He is conscious and breathing on his own,” Pandey said.
A source told TOI, “The actor’s condition is not stable as his creatinine levels are rising. There has not been much improvement in his condition since hospitalization. If the kidney functions continue to deteriorate, it could lead to more complications. In such situations, the heart and lungs tend to get affected next as the toxins start building up in the blood. However, we are hoping the organ regains its functionality”. Kumar has beaten lung ailments at least twice in the past.
Kumar’s wife Saira Banu told PTI, “He is doing much better than yesterday. But he will be in hospital. The doctors here are taking good care of him,” she said.
The film industry continues to be anxious about Kumar’s failing health. His first heroine Kamini Kaushal, who went on to make a hit pair with him in Shaheed, Nadiya Ke Paar, Shabnam and Arzoo, expressed concern. “It is very sad that he is suffering so much. Dilip Sahab has been ailing for so many years. Even his sisters who live in the US have come to see him. My prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.”

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