Congress Is Not In ICU. Look At These Numbers.

May 20, 2016 0 Comments INTERNATIONAL , Interviews , NATIONAL 697 Views
Congress Is Not In ICU. Look At These Numbers.

As I went yesterday from TV studio to TV studio, starting at ten in the morning and ending at nine at night, and again on looking at the headlines in the papers this morning, I felt like Huckleberry Finn in Mark Twain’s novel sitting in on his own funeral service in church when he is perfectly alive and kicking. For none of the anchors and headline subs took any account of the fact that in the five states where votes were counted yesterday, the Congress on the whole bagged many more seats than the BJP, and in four of the five states a significantly larger share of the total votes polled as well as a much larger share of the vote in seats contested. Does this lead to a Congress-mukt Bharat?

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