CPI (M) makes its draft political resolution public

Agencies/ New Delhi
February 14, 2018 NATIONAL 105 Views

The CPI (M) on Tuesday released its draft political resolution that was adopted in the party’s central committee meeting in Kolkata last month.
The much debated resolution says that the party will have “Appropriate electoral tactics to maximize the pooling of the anti-BJP votes”. This tactic has to be within the confines of the political line, which explicitly bars any “understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress party”.
The resolution was adopted following a vote in which party General Secretary Sitaram Yechury found himself on the losing side. The party has invited for amendments from all its members on the document.
The document speaks of Congress as a party with same class character as that of the ruling BJP, calling it a party of “big bourgeois-landlord classes”. It also questions secular credentials of Congress.
“The Congress professes to be secular but it has proved to be incapable of consistently fighting the communal forces,” the party document says.
It, however, concludes that the main threat is BJP, “given its basic link to the RSS”.
“There cannot be a line of treating both the BJP and the Congress as equal dangers,” the document says.
Justifying CPI (M)’s alliance with DMK in Tamil Nadu, where Congress is the third wheel, the document says the party needs to work closely with regional parties who are not in alliance with the BJP.
“The role and politics of specific regional parties in a state must be taken into account while working out our tactical approach to them. Such an approach must keep in mind advancing the Party’s interest and for rallying the Left and democratic forces. However, there is no scope for a national level alliance with the regional parties,” the document reads.
The CPI (M) advocates for cooperation within Parliament on agreed issues, joint action of class and mass organisations.
On communal forces, the party lays emphasis “on building unity of people to fight the communal forces at the grassroots”.
Critiquing self, the draft resolution says that Left parties need to unite.

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