Darbar Fever

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Darbar Fever

The summer capital Srinagar is witnessing a white wash as the Darbar move has just began and offices will soon resume their work here. With the Darbar shifting to Srinagar, the administration has swung into action particularly the sanitation work is going on in full swing. Before that the city seems to be going to dogs rather than being administered by the officials. The Srinagar Municipal Corporation has taken a lead and ordered house owners and commercial establishments to remove the debris/construction material lying on roads or be fined, to a sizeable amount of up to Rs 50,000. Proper dusting and maintenance of different roads is also being taken care of. The forecast also reveals more visits of officials and revisits on various development projects undertaken by the government. Weather also has been improving lately, despite the flood threat and small time preparations that may not do much good. For all official wok, it seems to be a good start, if not the perfect. Political situation in Kashmir, as always, is tricky; education is trying to find a breather, business is awaiting the bonus. It does not take much to change the situation completely, but Kashmir is known to changes, has lived and thrived after a multitude of trials. The state administration must derive an inspiration from this fact and give the best despite the hurdles. A government can really prove its merit if it shows a strong presence on the ground. We have often seen shutdowns becoming an excuse for government functionaries. Employees do not turn up or reach their offices late taking it for granted that the higher ups would understand. The absence of government functionaries from their duties hits different walks of life, public services being one. Last year after a prolonged absence from offices the government directed employees to attend offices or face music. Slowly but gradually employees returned to their workplaces and the services-halt began to stir. For the administration the show must go on as people tend to suffer doubly. Initiatives like biometric attendance system are promising and need to taken by all departments. Governance is not restricted to key issues only. While some issues take time to get sort out, active presence of the administration plays greater role in defining the governance on ground. Now that Darbar is here, people expect their grievances will be heard at ease. From shortage of drinking water to health care institutions that remain crammed throughout the year, there is a load of problems that people face every day. Government must respond and expedite the cases so that people do not suffer.

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