Defective Devlopmet Drive

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Defective Devlopmet Drive

With the PDP-BJP Government facing tough time in current times amid violance and increasing conflict of interests across Kashmir valley, the development sectors in the State, especially in Kashmir valley have been left in the hands of people who compromise and remained highly unattended. For instance the Jehangir Chowk Flyover project, it’s said that the project will miss another deadline this time as all most of the non local laborers have left Kashmir amid the current choas. Similarly many other devlopmet projects have been badly hit. There is complete choas and confusion as far as the situation in the State is concerned. Horticulture, Agriculture, Tourism and many other allied sectors are facing tough time. While the government of Jammu and Kashmir is talking several measures to revamp the Horticulture Department, however certain unplanned decisions create more confusion in the sector than any good. Unlike Western countries, in South Asian countries, especially in India, assigning porfolious like Agriculture, Horticulture are seen as less important assignments and the ministers try to dream for higher and much important departments. Ironically, the minister who got the Horticulture portfolio assigned immediately went on the protest leave, citing horticulture as the “less important portfolio.” The Department always and every regime remains department with less attraction despite being the major contributory department in the State’s economy. There are many other sectors including Animal, Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries which crave for the attention of the government. However the unplanned decisions taken on the policy level derail the prospectus of the departments and hamper their growth. There is a need of revamping and revitalizing the horticulture sector as it forms the backbone of the State’s economy. As the chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti recently launched ‘Apple Year’ as announced by the Chief Minister, there is also greater need for High Density Plantation Scheme for the State. The Government must also work for the roadmaps through perspective planning for improving quality and production of Horticulture crops by integrated implementation of viable, eco-friendly, validated and refined technologies. The official must also prepare a visionary document in the form of a Horticulture Policy for next 20 years. While such steps should be lauded, but the unplanned and ill conceived projects mar these dream projects. We have a major problem of cold storage in the State and the Minister without addressing that issue on strengthening the high density plantation across the State. There should be proper infrastructure for storage of fruits and establishment of Plant Health clinics in the state. The Horticulture Department should explore the possibility for establishing more testing labs and fruit packaging units. He further directed the concerned for taking innovative and concrete measures for making all fruit related cooperative institutions functional. Horticulture Department is one of the backbone departments of the State and the Government must take all possible measures to achieve the objectives to enhance the production and productivity of quality apple fruit crops in the State to compete in the national and international markets with highest employment opportunities in the sector. The Government must wake up to it’s defective development drive.

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