Demonetisation, surgical strike have struck at Pak’s Achilles heel:Jitendra Singh

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January 29, 2017 NATIONAL 413 Views
Demonetisation, surgical strike have struck at Pak’s Achilles heel:Jitendra Singh

The Narendra Modi government’s bold decision of demonetisation and surgical strikes have struck hard at the root of Pakistan-sponsored terror bringing down hawala funding by 55 per cent and terror funding by 60 per cent, Minister of State in the PMO Jitendra Singh said here today.

There should be no confusion about Modi government’s policy towards Pakistan and its stand on Kashmir, which is “no talks with terror and Kashmir’s status of integral part of India was no where an issue and the issue was how to retrieve PoK from Pak”.

“In just two-and-a-half year, the government had taken these two bold steps, which needs lots of conviction, but the Prime Minister took these decisions as for him, it is the country that is important and not the government,” the Minister said.

He said the government’s demonetisation decision was supported by the people of the country except for some political parties who were opposing it.

“It was a huge risk that the government had taken and the opposition were questioning because it had hit their Achilles heel,” he added.

Dr Singh said the country had a Prime Minister who was capable of meeting the expectations of the people and Mr Modi had proved it and in the next remaining periods more would happen.

The Minister said on several occasions and platforms the Prime Minister had said that there was nothing called a good or a bad terrorist. “A terrorist is a terrorist”.

Terming Pakistan a “failed state”, the Minister said the “country needs to be tackled at multiple levels — diplomatically, militarily and social level”.

He said Pakistan was the epicentre of terrorism and the capital of human rights violations and the biggest human rights violation in the sub continent was being carried out in Balochistan.

He said this government’s stand is that there should be no compromise with terrorism, no compromise with the sovereignty of Indian Republic and no compromise with the dignity of the security forces.

Dr Singh was speaking at an event on “Countering Pakistan State Terror: Challenges and Way Forward” organised by the Global Counter Terrorism Council (GCTC).

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