Diminishing Moral Values

Farooq Wani
June 11, 2017 OPINION 469 Views
Diminishing Moral Values

There is growing concern in the civil society about the decline in moral values .It is generally believed that morality has been relegated to back seat and westernization is fast becoming the way of life .The importance of moral education has declined due to the advent of modernization.
The influence of cable television, effect of internet & development of mass media have both negative as well as positive effects & it has moulded the thought of the society to a great extent. What was considered morally depraved a decade back is in-thing today. The evolutionary process has brought about a social change & this change is reflected in our outlook.
The younger generation has not escaped its effect. They have imbibed negative effects of this change to a large extent .The younger generation believes in idol worship. They imitate their heroes. The image of Shah Rukh smoking in a movie has definitely a negative effect on these youngsters. It has been observed that younger generation is more prone to smoking.
The effect of cinema was to bring about a social change and entertain people. In the name of cinema and Art we cannot promote obscenity. The scenes depicted in these movies are vulgar and obscene. Steamy sessions of passionate kissing, dance sequences with barely clad women have devastating effect on the psyche of our future generation.
The influence of idiot box cannot be brushed aside. The younger generation is much more influenced by serials shown on prime time. The story of these serials revolve around extra marital affairs unwed mothers& domestic violence. The stars in these serials hardly wear decent clothes and are exhibiting their bodies. These serials instead of entertaining are responsible for promoting promiscuous behavior, sowing seeds of discord and aiding divorce among married couples. The younger generation are glued to these serials especially programmes aired on Star TV channels. In Kashmir as people generally remain confined to their homes in evening hours, children are more exposed to the wrath of these serials. The serials are popular among girls and experts say that they have a negative influence upon their psyche. There are adult scenes which are not meant for public viewing and being watched by parents and children together. The distinction is so blurred that it is difficult to isolate adult from normal scenes which are meant for public viewing. The scissors of censorship have also graduated to new extremes.
HYAH which is considered key of IMAAN has vanished from our lives. The programme on dance competitions where young boys and girls gyrate their hips are reflection of our depraved thinking. Psychologists are of the opinion that they have a depressing effect on these children when they reach their teens. The dance sequences by barely clad men and women are so vulgar that any modest person will have a feeling of revulsion. But then, we have marched ahead of our times. In keeping pace with westernization we are losing our own identity. The cultural ethos is deteriorating fast. The moral fabric of our society is torn apart.
The concept of sex education which is being imparted to young children in various schools across the country is a double edged sword. Our society has not graduated to a level where we can understand the object behind such education. In organizing cultural shows, or welcoming dignitaries we denigrate our young girls who are made to stand with flowers in their hands, lucky enough to escape the lascivious eye.
The advertisement of condoms on television carried by health and family welfare department have embarrassed many of us. The slogan Have safe sex, use condoms is promoting illicit sex among youngsters. The fashion parades is in itself denigrating women and getting pleasure out of such shows. Women folk have been made to come out from the shell of modesty to compete in this cruel world and become a feast for the eyes of thick sickened promiscuous men. They are exploited at every level; the fault lies in partly shedding their clothes. Wearing transparent apparels, skin tight jeans exposing their private parts. All this in the name of fashion and imitating the west we are soon loosing our identity and values are becoming history.
Internet café, coffee shops/pubs, separate cabins in restaurants are not only nuisance to public but they promote obscenity and vulgarity. Mobile phones in hands of students with GPRS, MMS facilities promote obscene behaviour. Coaching centers have lately become joints where young boys and girls exhibit their immoral values. This has pushed our youth into pits of vulgarity. The language of our younger generation has undergone change and is full of all the invectives & vulgar slangs.
It is not too late, if steps are not taken immediately to inculcate moral values the society will be devoid of morals.

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