Doklam standoff not serious issue: Dalai Lama

Agencies/New Delhi
August 10, 2017 NATIONAL 243 Views

Beijing’s bete noire, the Dalai Lama, said without naming China, that places “where there is no freedom, I don’t like”, reported ANI.
The Tibetans’ spiritual leader who’s exiled in India has so far not commented on the Doklam standoff+ , but did so on Wednesday, when he said he considers it “not very serious”, reported PTI.
“It’s (Doklam standoff) not very serious, India and China have to live side by side,” said the Buddhist leader, who’s based in Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh.
He further said that two big nations “have to live side by side” and must get along.
“Eventually, ‘Hindi-Chini- Bhai Bhai’ is the only way; the two big nations, you have to live side by side,” he said.
The Dalai Lama dwelled on the concept of freedom as well, saying his adopted home, India, has it.
“There is freedom in this country, I can do more and have more opportunity to share. Where there is no freedom, I don’t like,” he said, without naming China, which is not a democracy+ .
As for democracy itself, he said the Tibetan community in India practices the concept.
“Our small Tibetan community fully practices democracy and I am an admirer of democracy,” he said.
He hoped that “eventually” China, too, would become a democratic country.
“Eventually, as per the wishes of the Chinese people, the Communist Party of China may follow our practice,” he said, referring to the practice of democracy.

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