Fighting against PDP-BJP coalition is Jihad for me, says Karra

BK Correspondent/Srinagar
March 21, 2017 TOP STORIES 346 Views
Fighting against PDP-BJP coalition is Jihad for me, says Karra

Congress leader Tariq Hamid Karra on Monday asked the people to vote against the ruling coalition in the bypolls, saying stopping “fascist forces” from making inroads in Jammu and Kashmir was a “jihad” (holy war).
“When Islam is under threat, it is the duty of Muslims to do the jihad. Stopping fascist forces from making inroads in Jammu and Kashmir is Jihad for me. It is a religious duty for me,” Karra said.
“Jihad may be interpreted in various manners, but for me the guidelines are clear as prescribed by the Prophet (PBUH),” he said.
He was addressing a joint convention of the party workers of National Conference (NC) and Congress at NC party headquarters.
Karra, who defeated NC president Farooq Abdullah in 2014 general elections and is now campaigning for him, said he would fully support the NC and Congress candidates in the upcoming parliamentary bypolls.
Karra claimed that he had warned Sayeed not to join hands with the BJP.
“I told Mufti that all secular parties have to get united and strengthened to stop BJP-RSS from entering into J&K. But he did not pay any heed to me and formed unnatural alliance with the BJP,” he said.
“I always opposed this alliance and advised Late Mufti Sahab and the party leadership to instead of aligning with BJP, the party should have come together with secular forces to protect the interests of the State. Unfortunately, PDP chose to remain associated in this political alliance with the BJP – something my conscience did not accept. It saddens me that some of my former colleagues chose to remain associated with the politics of communalism and polarization because of the lure of power”, Tariq Hameed Karra said.
“RSS and BJP are not only anti-Muslim and anti-minority in general but have always harboured an ambition to destroy J&K’s special status, its political identity and its social ethos of brotherhood and amity. By aligning with the BJP and the RSS, PDP has lost the faith of the people who voted for it and its leaders have bartered that sacred mandate to remain in power. BJP is the same political party that has elected one of the country’s most divisive, anti-Muslim faces as the Chief Minister of India’s most populous State. This is proof enough of their intentions and their politics but unfortunately PDP remains attached to the symbols and insignias of power”, Tariq Hameed Karra said while addressing the gathering.
Tariq Hameed Karra said PDP’s complete rout from the political landscape of the State was now imminent and a foregone conclusion.

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