Foreign, domestic travel agents on FAM tour in Kashmir

Our aggressive marketing campaign is bearing fruit: Dir Tourism

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October 5, 2017 BUSINESS 167 Views

Continuing with its promotional campaign, the department of tourism Kashmir organized FAM tours for both domestic and foreign travel agents.
The domestic travel agents have come from the cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, and Ahmadabad while as the foreign travel agents visited Valley from Thailand.
Nattinee Shrestha of Himalayan Holidays visited Kashmir along with other 12 travel agents from Thailand to see by themselves if travellers in Kashmir are safe.
To her surprise, she found the travellers were not only safe but enjoying the most among the locals here.
“There has been lot of negative publicity going on about Kashmir. Before sending tourists to Kashmir, we wanted to visit here and we found everything is good. I appreciate how people are so nice and friendly with the tourists. Tourists are totally enjoying their holidays here,” says Shrestha.
Shrestha has been sending groups from Thailand for many years.
However, this year, she decided to visit Kashmir herself to see the new hotels, facilities, infrastructural development and newly developed off-beat destinations.
“Many new hotels have come up and we are happy about that. Kashmir is a unique place and people from many countries seek travel packages for this place. You have unique features in every season and above all, this place is safer than any other tourist destinations. Female tourists can roam freely without any threat,” she says.
These travel agents not only visited the prominent destinations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam or Sonamarg but wished to visit off-beat destinations.
“We visited Doodpathri. It is an amazing place with vast meadows and very calm environs. We have many travellers from busy cities who want to visit such places. Next year, I am making plans to bring at least 1000 travellers from Thailand to Kashmir,” says Shrestha.
The travel agents also visited local handicraft weaving centers and purchased embroidered gowns and other handicraft items.
Each of them of wore those beautifully embroidered gowns during their entire tour.
Best, another travel agent from Thailand said Kashmir for her is one of the best places to visit.
“We purchased the best handicraft items which we can gift to our relatives and loved ones.”
The Department of Tourism Kashmir had organized road show in August this year in Thailand and convinced travel agents to visit Kashmir on FAM tour.
Meana Travels Pvt Ltd host the FAM tour in Kashmir for Thai agents.

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