Forest fires a common phenomenon in Kashmir

BK News Desk/Srinagar
April 11, 2018 STATE 346 Views

Forest fires in Kashmir have become a common phenomenon in Kashmir, with hectares of the forest areas witnessing devastation every year.
Last week fire destroyed more than 20 hectares of forests in Dachigam area which later entered into the national park as well.
Prior to it fire broke out at Zabarwan mountain range in Januray this year, which engulfed its vast area at in Srinagar.
The fire broke out at three different places in the mountain range in Brein Nishat, Harwan and around Shalimar.
As per the officials around 50- 60 hectares of the forest land was engulfed by the fire then.
Last month forests were also devastated by a major fire in Bandipora .
In 2017, the similar type of fire broke out in area, which continued till two days and damaged a vast area.
The incidents of forests fire have been witnessing a drastic increase across the valley.
In 2016 as many as 71 forest fires have been witnessed in Kashmir, with areas like north and south Kashmir reporting such incidents frequently.
South Kashmir alone witnessed 30 incidents followed by north Kashmir where 25 forest fire have been reported in 2016.
Prior to it, the valley in 2015 had witnessed 49 fire incidents in forests with north Kashmir reporting 24 incidents.
The officials claim that the prolonged dry season has been the main reason behind the increased forest fire incidents in the valley.
An official from forest department said the area possessed dry grass that catch fire frequently.
“People might have moved towards the mountain peak and then a singly match stick is enough to set the area ablaze. We haven’t seen rain for the last eight months now and such incidents can happen under these circumstances,” he said.

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