Ganta Ghar clock ticks wrong, people aghast

Abid Hussain/Srinagar
January 13, 2018 CITY 293 Views
Ganta Ghar clock ticks wrong, people aghast

Only four months after its installation, one of the four clocks of historic Clock Tower, known in Kashmir as Ganta Ghar is showing incorrect time, creating confusion among masses here in Lal Chowk.
The four-sided Clock Tower, which is used by common people to check time is ticking five hours and forty-five minutes ahead.
A vendor told Brighter Kashmir that these clocks always leaves people confused. “Only few days before a tourist told me, why famed clock tower is showing incorrect time?”
The shopkeepers, passerby and locals lambasted Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) for failing to manage Ganta Ghar.
Questioning the approach of SMC, Mohammad Amin a passerby said “If they are not maintaining a Clock Tower, how they could beautify the whole city?”
Adding SMC is not interested in the development of the city.
A passerby Shabir Ahmad claimed that Clock Tower was a litmus test for concerned corporation but they desperately failed.
“It is a daily routine of these clocks, sometimes they tick early and sometimes late,” said a shopkeeper.
Pertinently, in 2017 after several media reports the SMC installed four new clocks on the tower that were sponsored by ‘Time and Sound’ watch shop in Lal Chowk.
Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer, SMC, Lalit Wali said, “I will let concerned person know about incorrect timing of clock and quickly it will be repaired.”

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