Govt fails to restore Dal in Srinagar

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April 15, 2017 CITY 227 Views
Govt fails to restore Dal in Srinagar

The government despite spending a huge amount on the restoration of famed Dal lake, its condition has ceased to improve.
As per the details available with the Brighter Kashmir the government had framed three centre and state sponsored so far major projects designed to lease fresh life to the Dal Lake.
A major project ‘National Lake Conservation Programme’ was started in 2005 costing Rs 298.76 crore. Official sources revealed that an amount of Rs 273.85 crore has been released by the Government of India over the years. “Even though such a huge amount has been spent under this project, there has been no improvement in the condition of the Lake,” the official said.
The second conservation and management programme was ‘Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Programme’ (PMRP) of 2010 costing Rs 356 crore under which 83.18 crores have been released so far. It was for acquisition of land and structures in Dal and Nigeen lake. That too has been a half-baked effort and has shown no signs of delivery.
The third project was for the rehabilitation of the families dislocated from Dal and Nigeen lake. The project was conceived at a cost of Rs 416 crore for development of site at Rakh-I-Arth, Bemina for preparation of site and provision for infrastructure like road, water supply, electricity, drainage, and sewerage and other community facilities and providing house units to the dwellers under State plan and Central assistance of Rs 315.90 crore and Rs 90.92 crore respectively. “Under state plan an amount of Rs 84.56 crore has been utilized and under Basic services of Urban Poor (BSUP) component an amount of Rs 20.43 crore has been released by the Government of India,” the official said.
Even though crores of rupees have been spent so far, the authorities have failed to restore the beauty of the famed Dal. It has been observed that Lakes and Water Development Authority is only carrying out de-weeding around the SKICC as the centre has a distinction of hosting important functions, both government as well as private. Government has also failed to complete the rehabilitation process within a time frame work and all these projects have missed the deadlines.
“Almost all the funds released over the years have been spent on Dal Lake but there is no positive change. The LAWDA alone can’t take steps for preservation of the Dal. It is the responsibility of each individual and there should be close coordination of all government departments for preservation of the Lake and funds are utilized properly,” a senior official said wishing not to be quoted by name. “Political intervention is also one of the reasons which create hurdles in taking of preservation measures of the lake. Authorities need to relook where there has been mismanagement for implementation of preservation projects despite spending crores of rupees,” the official said.
that there is a visible change in improvisation of the condition of the Lake,” she assured.
Dal Lake is the second largest lake in the state and is divided into four basins Small Dal, Big Dal, Gagribal and Nigeen besides small and big Dal each have an island in the center known as Rup or Charchinari.
Earlier under the directions of the High Court, government has a framed a monitoring committee headed by Chief Secretary for preservation of the Dal Lake including to keep check on proper implementation of various projects.

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