Herath celebrated across Kashmir

BK News Desk/Srinagar
February 14, 2018 TOP STORIES 134 Views

The main festival of the Kashmiri pandits — ”Herath” (Maha Shivratri) was celebrated throughout the valley by members of the pandit community who participated in night-long prayers.
Today is ”salam” when the members of the community, after night- long prayers in their homes, greet each other and also receive their Muslim brethren.
A number of Muslims, particularly elders, were seen greeting the Pandit families on the occasion today.
Reports of Herath celebration were also received from other parts of the Kashmir valley where Muslims greet their Pandit brethren.
The divisional authorities had made all arrangements to ensure supply of essential commodities including fish, vegetables and walnut for the Pandit families.
In Kashmir, the people generally consider ‘Herath’ as the marriage day of Lord Shiva with ‘Uma’ while outside Kashmir, it is taken as the day when Lord Shiva manifested in human form on earth to bless his devotees and redeem them. Shivratri in Kashmir is popularly known as ‘Herath’.
All through the ages people have given various meanings to ‘Herath’. Some trace it back to the times of the Pathan occupation of the valley, when alien rulers forced the people to celebrate the festival in the summer month of ‘Asada’, instead of ‘Phalguna’.

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