Hollow Politics

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Hollow Politics

Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology Chodhury Lal Singh is always on the move, doing rounds and visits to his constituency, Basholi. However unfortunately the constituency lacks on all the fronts as far the development is concerned. People of this area may not be in news because of the proximity of this area with the Jammu city, however the areas, including Barnol, Hatli, Danah, Tridwan, Basantpur and other areas really crave for the development. There is a lot of politics done on the name of development in the far of areas across both the regions of Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir. The minister according to the officials spokesperson said that development is related at improving the welfare of a society through appropriate social, political and economic conditions. Transportation (particularly road) is an important component and a common tool used for development. This is even more so in a global economy where economic opportunities have been increasingly related to the mobility of people and goods. However according to reports reaching to this newspaper, the area has been neglected and has become a political victim of bad politicking. Basholi has a history of producing world acclaimed paintings from the very rich Basholi School of Art and Paintings. However not much has been done on the ground for uplifting the art and artists. The concerned MLA, who is a sitting cabinet minister in Mehbooba led coalition government has to realise that this area or constituency was under their supervision and political control from a very long time now. Earlier, Lal Singh’s wife was elected from this constituency seat. The minister has to work for strengthening road connectivity on practical grounds and stop presenting that everything has been done and everything else is on the anvil. This is certainly the collective responsibility of the people to take care of public assets as they are made for their convenience . But at the same time their responsibility to make the leaders accountable for whatever assignments they have been given. The people have to realize their power and also realize that leaders are their to lead but they have some administrative work to do also. They are not only there to do the politics but at the same time elected to bring the development and prosperity to the nation, state or the constituency for that matter. Leaders should stop acting like ones and start working like administrators. First thinking of the welfare of the state and people and then to any other aspect of theirs. It has been very seen that almost all the political leaders use huge men and machinery of the state, which heavily costs on the state excheqer, just to make an impression in their constituency that they were the “most powerful assets” of the Government, while as the practical realities on the ground speak something else. Let all the elected members introspect this.

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