Hurriyat (M) demands unconditional release of all prisoners before Eid-ul-Fitr

‘Majority of prisoners are without trial and deprived of basic facilities’

BK News Desk/Srinagar
June 14, 2018 STATE 124 Views

Demanding the immediate release of thousands of political prisoners lodged in various jails in and outside the Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference (M) demanded unconditional release of all the prisoners before the Eid-ul-Fitr.
In a statement to Brighter Kashmir, Chairman Hurriya (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the plight of Kashmiri prisoners was disappointing as they are being meted out ill treatment.
He said that “people irrespective of their age as from 80-year-old to minors to women, continue to remain lodged in various prisons and majority of them are without trial and deprived for the all the basic facilities guaranteed in their respective jail manual.”
Mirwaiz said that “prolonging the detention of prisoners is nothing but a political vendetta to break their resolve but time has proved that all the inmates have shown a tremendous courage and patience despite remaining in prisons for decades together.”
Hurriyat (M) chairman said “In Kashmir, ultimate repression is being unleashed through military might to muzzle the rights of people and to force them into a submission. It said that Kashmiri prisoners lodged in various prisons that include Kotbalwal, Central Jail Srinagar, Tihar Jail Delhi, Udhampur, Kahtua, Hira Nagar and other prisons are facing tremendous hardships and even basic healthcare is not available to them.”
Hurriyat Conference (M) said that “the height is that Kashmiri prisoners are being kept with the hardcore criminals thereby raising the risk of them being getting killed or injured as seen a few months back in New Delhi’s Tihar Jail.”
It said that “to crush the sacred struggle of Kashmir, Delhi let loose NIA and ED to arrest resistance leaders that include Shabir Shmed Shah, Altaf Ahmed Shah, Advocate Shahidul Islam, Ayaz Akbar, Peer Saifullah, Raja Mehrajudin Kalwal, Nayeem Ahmed Khan, Farooq Ahmed Dar, Zahoor Ahmed Watali, Shahid Yousuf Shah and others who have been framed in fictitious cases and continue to lodged in Tihar Jail without any justification and trial.”.

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