I am an Ikwani but you too have blood on your hands’: Usman Majid to PDP

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I am an Ikwani but you too have blood on your hands’: Usman Majid to PDP

Congress legislator from Bandipora and former government gunman, Usmaan Majeed Saturday cornered the government for “bloodshed in the valley” and alleged that PDP has blood of innocent people on its hands.

He was speaking on discussion during the grants session in Legislative Assembly on Saturday.

“PDP sold Aazadi and Pakistan in the last elections and batted for keeping BJP at bay,” he said.

He termed it a betrayal with the people of the state.

“Everyone in Kashmir knew that something big is going to happen,” he said, “Because of your betrayal.”

While referring to the statement of the Chief Minister that only five percent people were involved in the uprising in valley, Usmaan asked government, “What will happen when ten percent will erupt?”

“When you were unable to hold five percent what will you do with ten percent will rise,” he asked, “Will we have to quit Kashmir then,” he said.

Referring to the past statements made by PDP MLA against him, without taking his name he said, I am proved to be Ikhwani.

“Despite knowing my black and white people still elected me,” he said.

He also demanded apology from the government. (CNS)



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