I will die freedom fighter or rebel

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I will die freedom fighter or rebel

Medical officer turned-politician-turned-freedom fighter, Dr. Ghulam Mohammad Hubi a senior resistance leader and ex-secretary to united All Parties Hurriyat Conference in conversation with Brighter Kashmir reporter Abid Hussain.

Q.How you came into the freedom movement?

A. I resigned in 1983 from government service and fought elections under the leadership of Abdul Gani Lone with an agenda to restore internal automomy, make corruption free state and to end dynastic rule. I was a People’s Conference (PC) candidate from Charar-e-Sharief against National Conference (NC). In 1987 despite being a contestant, I was not allowed to enter counting hall and on the directions of local candidate I was arrested under Terrorists and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA). Fortunately a Kashmiri Pandit was a TADA judge, when I was produced before court, he released me on the spot.
In 1984 I along with Abdul Ahad Waza of Kupwara were arrested for protesting against hanging of Shaheed Mohammad Maqbool Bhat. After mass rigging in 1987 elections, people of Kashmir started freedom struggle and I also joined and became supporter of JKLF. Every year I got arrested and longest imprisonment of my life started in 2001 which ended in 2003.

Q.Why you were arrested in 2001?

A.Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) government became victim of misunderstanding that Abdul Gani Lone is conspiring something with Delhi. J&K government saw their future dark. Instead of arresting Lone, they (Govt) wanted to cut his wings and detained important position holders of PC.

Q. What is the role of PC in contemporary Kashmir?

A.Sajjad Gani Lone is pro establishment, he has nothing to do with the movement. While Bilal Gani Lone is one among the executive members of Hurriyat (M).

Q.Do you belong to any party?

A.I have made a little party Kashmir People’s Party in 2017. In our area old workers came under this banner.

Q.What is the agenda of your party?

A.Kashmir is a disputed territory. It needs solution as per aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which I believe aspirations are in favor of independent Kashmir.
You have made another party, despite knowing there are dozens of pro-freedom parties, are not you creating division?
This is true, division is expanding day by day in our society. In 2016 I approached general council members of Hurriyat (M) and pursuaded them to join Hurriyat (G) to fight Indian occupation. Outcome was Mirwaiz and Yasin Malik went to Geelani and formed Joint Resistance Leadership.

Q.Does Hurriyat have a proper roadmap?

I think Hurriyat people are creating confusion. We will be given Right to Self Determination (RSD) only when it starts from Pakistan. According to United Nations resolution of 1948, Pakisitan has to vacate the land that is under its occupation and has to handover it to India. And they are under an advice not to keep more than 30,000 troops to facilitate RSD.

Q.How do you see Hurriyat’s denial to meet interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma?

Though appointing of Dineshwar Sharma as interlocutor is a diplomatic way of deeling with things. But neither we must miss any chance nor give India a chance to exploit dialogue. If Hurriyat is approached by Sharma they must talk to him and then speak before public about his sincerity.

Q.Why National Investigation Agency (NIA) carried out raids on Hurriyat?

A.Hurriyat people invited themselves to them. Explain? Aa bail mujhe maar . I think this is more than sufficent.

Q.Why sudden raids?

Kashmir has become a laboratory where India is doing experiments. Since 1947 they did many experiments and NIA is one among them. Otherwise nobody could prove that Hurriyat is getting money from Pakistan or anywhere else.

Q.How do you see pre and post Burhan era?

A.I am convinced, Burhan was a pious boy, it was his goodness that leads to 2016 uprising. Neither any country nor any leader did it, however we could not give it a proper direction. I met many leaders during last uprising and told them to give it a direction and speak openly against stone pelting and statement given by Pakistan Prime Minister (PM) on Kashmir, however they did not, they do not have guts.

Q.If you had an authority then?

I would have openly said that we are not sacrificing ourselves for making Kashmir a part of Pakistan but we are fighting for the freedom of Kashmir and Pakistan must support us.

Q.How could you compare Congress and BJP?

A.Congress is experienced, they give ‘bitter pill sugar coated’ instead of that BJP is not too much clever they give ‘bitter pill as bitter’. Congress is the party which has created Kashmir problem, they promised RSD, they rigged elections and made us away from India, otherwise they were having strong constituency in Kashmir.

Q.How Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and NC are different ?

A.I do not see any difference. Anybody who will be in the power in Kashmir, has to take dictation from Home Ministry of India and act likewise. Unfortunately Kashmiri has a disease of forgeting things. If we see oppression of NC, they are responsible for Land Grants Bill, Task Force, Public Safety Act, custodial killings etc. and PDP is also doing the same.

Q.Did you ever meet Maqbool Bhat?

A.I have not met him personally but have read him very keenly. It is unfortunate for Kashmir that if anybody speaks for independent Kashmir, he is treated as agent by both countries. When Bhat was in Pakistan he was arrested and when he came back he again got imprisoned.

Q.Recently PM of Pakistan said idea of Independent Kashmir is not based on reality?

A.They are not in favor of independence and their support is conditional. Only people of Pakistan have empathy with us, their government do not have.

Q.Is Pakistan administered Kashmir different from Indian administered Kashmir?

A.In my opinion, there people are slaves of Muslim government and here we are slaves of Hindu government.

Q.Do you like any Pakistani leader?

A.I do not know anybody among them but I have a great respect and regard for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto after Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Bhutoo was really a statesman, he gave three ideas to Muslim Ummah viz. use oil as weapon, create Muslim dollar and Islamic bomb. He gave his idea to create the supremacy of Muslim resources in the world. If we would have followed him then there would have not been Palestine like problems. And in military rulers I respect Parvez Musharraf, he was up to the mark and interested in solving disputes with his neighbours.

Q.But Bhutto in Shima Agreement made internationally recognised dispute of Kashmir a bilateral one?

A.That was the compulsion with him. They lost East Pakistan and some land of West in 1971. Bhutto was to get thousands of soldiers and land back.

Q.Is not Musharraf’s four-point formula against RSD?

A.When UN has come to our rescue and has implemented RSD? Musharraf has not said this is the ultimate answer to the problem. He said we will implement it for sometime and after that we will go for RSD.

Q.Is Kashmir movement getting weak by statements of few religious preachers, who spread venom against other sects?

A.Movement is not getting weak, they in order to establish themselves, unnecessarily try to create division. They are materialistic and nonsense. I am against disunity and have worked under the leadership of Agha Syed Hassan to forge unity among Muslims.

Q.Who remains your ideal?

A.My ideal is Ayatollah Khomeini, who sacrificed everything for making revolution inevitable. After his death there was no property in his name. And from Kashmir, my ideal is Abdul Gani Lone, whatever he had said is proved relevant. He once said Kashmir is a political issue but Hurriyat said it is a religious issue. In his life time he said supporters (Pakistan) must remain limited to the support, they must not try to become masters or owners of our movement, this is our indigenous movement and we are fighting Indian occupation.

Q.What role Iran and Saudi Arabia could play in Kashmir conflict?

A.Iran was very much interested in resolving Kashmir issue until the unfortunate death of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Q.Why it changed after his death?

A.They have their own problems, what support they can lend to us. Saudi Arabia including every Muslim in the world may be feeling our pain but they cannot help.

Q.And Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)?

A.OIC is a toothless organisation like United Nations.

Q.How do you see the role of national and local media in Kashmir conflict?

A.I do not understand whether they are Indian or anti. Electronic media is aggravating the problem of Kashmir. All the mad people in India are invited and they speak senseless, which is not better for anybody. Kashmir media has limited resources and limited say, they cannot go beyond their bindings, so their role is acceptable.

Q.If RSD is given to people with two options, what would you do?

A.I will abstain in case of two options, however in three choices I will vote for independence that is my aim.

Q.Are you satisfied with your life?

A.I am very much satisfied, whatever sacrife I could, I have given without any consideration of benefit. I have been in jail for more than nine years. My son was implicated in a fabricated case and spent 18 months in prison. My family was not given travel documents. My only source of income orchard was occupied by army in 2004 upto 2008. They destroyed 45 Kanals of my land.
I will not bow, rather die as a freedom fighter. If in my life Kashmir dispute will not be resolved then I will die as a rebel!

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