In Response to Jaibans Singh’s Parental Responsibility

Amanullah Khan
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Last Monday on July 10, there was an article with heading “Parental responsibility” written by Mr. Jaibans Singh in daily Brighter Kashmir. Atthe first look,I thought it might be something related to the directions or helpful suggestions regarding decision or future course of actions by the guardians towards their toddlers. But after reading it thoroughly I came to know the ideologies of the Author, who is actually trying to state same but starts with the things that don’t relate the topic here. So in accordance to that I want author’s kind attention towards the following:
First MrJaibans Singh has noted about June 21, operation in which two Hizbul Mujahedeen rebels were martyred Author here says that Both rebels were apparently forsaken by their masters by only refutation of saying that they were poorly equipped with weapons like only one AK-47 each and some ammunition with few grenades which hardly matters because it may be that the rebels there were for attending some meeting or at just on patrolling and not in conducting the conflict with enemies. And at the same time there is no any attribute of vision of something that Media had paid to the rebels that u are talking about, evenifthey deserve it so.
Second the author is talking about some more rebels like Majid,ShakirIrshadahmaddar and their recruitments as well which I guess author knows much better than anyone. Here MrJaibanssingh also wrote about pattern being followed for the recruitment of local Rebels, and stated that ill trained rebels are no match for highly professional and experienced Indian forces which is again here diverting one from the main topic.
Mrjaibans Singh you are seeing the way of fate of the youngsters who according to u commit the fatal error of being swayed into the path of militancy, but did not dare to write the measures which would protect them against the so called evil. But how can u write it all when there is no way left for it. The youths here have tried best and some are trying it still by the same way and a little have picked up the arms again here for your kind information they are not from the poor families and not selling their souls for little amount of money as u think, And the whole world is known of this fact now. Educated and well financially settled boys are forced here to take the arms.Even if the boys taking up the arms are from the poor families can’t they be against the inhuman and illegal occupations Is it everytime a necessity that the Youth taking up the arms should be from Rich family? No it’s not, Here the Rich and Poor, Old and Young, Women and Men now speak in same voice as:
U kill my beloved to liberate me
U shoot my baby to erase my misery
U threaten me to bring me to my sense
U wage war on me to help me find peace
U torture my children to teach me how to love
U oppress me to send me into heaven
How can I ever pay u back.

I think u are not aware of the Survey on Pellet victims conducted by Kashmir based NGO “Help foundation” which shows that out of every 5 pellet victims 2 are teenagers. How Beloved ones of these teenagers wouldn’t raise their voices. Dear Authorareyou aware of the future of these innocent teenagers, No and u don’t also need it because u are in support of the oppressors who in temptation of a small piece of land are killing the poor and innocent people. Mr. jaibans Singh Boys here know well about the situations prevailing and are well prepared about all fatal illusions what so ever be, and there is no one who can get lured by the illusion u are talking about but we will eradicate the evil and forceful illusionists soon and here I want to quote some words of Wise man “Education is the abilityto discern between right and wrongeducation endows people with the courage to differentiate between justice and injusticethen stand up for justice.” Education is not mere literacy. It is the light bywhich we distinguish truth from falsehood, it is the consciousness of the wretchedness of slavery and the virtueof the struggle for freedom.” Education is not making one’s self available at the service of a foreign fascist aggressor against one’s own people and suffering of the self.” It is a shame that those schooled in the art of slavery and collaboration are teaching us the virtues of Education.
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