In Sultanpora, gold business changed people’s lives

January 12, 2017 STATE 449 Views

The gold business is getting immensely popular in north Kashmir’s Sultanpora village in baramulla District that has changed the entire fate of the village
Manzoor Aabas of Sultanpora said that the trade was getting popular in the viallge to the extent that people have expanded their business to o0ther viallges as well.
“Those days of poverty when they used to live from hand to mouth those days the property they could hardly built was that dilapidated huts, this Gold is nothing less than a blessing from God that has even changed the lives of many people like ours,” he said.
Sultanpora that has grown the culture of this profitable business. People belonging to every age group have associated himself with this trade.
Sultanpora is a Shia dominated village in Pattan tehsil, nestled between apple orchards and narrow water canals. After Golden business fruit cultivation is the other source of occupation for people and the village have direct business links with traders in New Delhi and Mumbai.
Ali Mohammad Wani told Brighter Kashmir, “When I started this business itb didn’t gave me satisfaction initially. And Mashalla we succeeded a lot and our gold business continued”.
Ali Mohammad is a dealer of Golden ornaments and has expanded his business all over valley.

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