Indian aggression along LoC meant to divert attention from Kashmir struggle: Pakistan PM Abbasi

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Indian aggression along LoC meant to divert attention from Kashmir struggle: Pakistan PM Abbasi

Underlining that his country was firmly for self-determination of Kashmiris, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Thursday said the people of the region have “risen against the Indian occupied forces” and that the Indian government is using aggression along the Line of Control as a diversionary tactic. He also stressed that the Kashmir issue should be resolved as per the UN guidelines.

“There is Indian aggression along the Line of Control, mostly to draw attention away from the genuine struggle of the Kashmiri people, who have today risen against the Indian occupation there. And we fully support the right of self-determination. We’ve fully supported that at every forum since 1948, and we continue to support that. And that issue should be resolved as per the UN Security Council resolutions. There’s no two opinions about that,” Abbasi said.

The Pakistan PM said the “Indian occupation forces there have committed atrocities which are really beyond belief” and that they expected the world community to take notice of those atrocities.

Abbasi was replying to a question on his “assessment of what’s happening along the Line of Control and whether you think you have managed now what had been some pretty tense time up there in recent times.”

On how his country plans to take ahead discussions with the Indian senior leadership, Abbasi said “that certain core issues have to be addressed and Kashmir is one of the core issues”. He pointed out that “India’s unabated aggression is unacceptable” and that Pakistan wants normal relations with India built on trust and respect.

Abbasi also said his country has developed short-range nuclear weapons to counter the ‘cold start doctrine’ adopted by the Indian Army.“We have a very robust and secure command-and-control system over our strategic nuclear assets. Time has proved that it’s a process that is very secure. It’s a process that has complete civilian oversight through the NCA,” he said

Speaking on India’s role in Afghanistan, Abbasi said, “We don’t foresee any political or military role for India in Afghanistan, it will just complicate the situation and will not resolve anything. So if they want to do economic assistance, that’s their prerogative, but we don’t accept or see any role politically or militarily for India in Afghanistan.”

As for India’s business role in Afghanistan he replied, “That’s up to them. All countries have the right to trade with each other, invest in other countries. India has invested in Afghanistan in the past.”(Indin Express)



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