Indo-Pak diplomatic aggression a nightmare for Kashmir: NC

‘There is no alternative to engagement and cooperation’

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Indo-Pak diplomatic aggression a nightmare for Kashmir: NC

: National Conference on Tuesday expressed serious concern over rising diplomatic tension and hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad and reiterated the party’s stand that there was no alternative to meaningful and sustained engagement between the two neighbours. National Conference State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said the leadership of both countries owe it to the suffering, tormented people of J&K to engage with each other with sincerity and a sense of responsibility in an effort to find a lasting solution to the Kashmir Issue.
“Aggression – whether military, diplomatic or rhetorical – will not yield any favourable results for either countries. Neither will it curb the menace of terrorism nor will it magically normalize the situation in Kashmir. There are outstanding, unresolved issues between New Delhi and Islamabad – primarily the issue of Kashmir – and regional peace will be hard to achieve and sustain unless these issues are resolved”, the NC State Spokesperson said in a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar.
The NC Spokesperson said both New Delhi and Islamabad should realize the futility of jingoism and conventional rhetoric and acknowledge their obligations towards the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are the biggest victims of their hostility. “There is way too much at stake here for this reductionist, regressive and jingoist narrative to be peddled as some form of patriotism and nationalism. While both India and Pakistan will benefit greatly from sustainable peace, the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be the primary beneficiaries of peace and mutual cooperation between the two countries. The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has always advocated sustained and all-weather diplomatic engagement between New Delhi and Islamabad and we will continue to reiterate that demand – especially in times of heightened tension and shrill rhetoric”, the NC Spokesperson added.
“Everyone should play a constructive and bipartisan role to help in the de-escalation of tension between India and Pakistan. Wars don’t bring peace and prosperity but further turmoil and suffering. The national media should also introspect and realize the terrible human, economic and social costs to the borne by the common-man on account of their jingoism and aggression. While such a narrative might make for good business, it is bringing two countries closer towards a point of devastating confrontation”, the NC Spokesperson said.
The NC Spokesperson also condemned the politics of U-turns, theatrics and repression being used as the standing policy of the incumbent Mehbooba Mufti Government in J&K and said mass arrests, curbs and broken promises are fomenting the anger multi-fold rather than placating it. “The youth are being pushed into a corner and there is absolutely no political will to reach out to them and to represent their anguish and sentiments in New Delhi. Between deafening silence and senseless statements – the Chief Minister has offered precious little and left the situation to be handled administratively. We condemn this counterproductive approach and hope the Chief Minister recollects her promises, speeches and slogans before she entered into an opportunistic and disastrous alliance with the BJP”, the NC Spokesperson added.

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