Is govt. serious about peace

Owais Qadir
November 4, 2017 OPINION 264 Views

The Burhan Wani’s death sparked valley wide protests last year. The protests were of grave nature, with everyday curfews, killings, and demonstrations. Nobody had imagined the peace would return one day. The govt. had no control over anything and they only urged for peace, through statements, press notes and other medium, they advised people to shun violence and choose the path of peace but after more than a year, the question that arises is who wants peace? Were they serious about the peace they advocated? How they contribute in achieving it?
After the terrible year of protests, killings, curfews, shutdowns the normalcy returned finally in the end of 2016. With the start of New Year govt. promised of peace, the peace people were in need of as they had seen a lot of bloodshed, and funerals of their loved ones. Some questions which still linger there are; has govt. done anything to achieve peace? Has peace returned to the valley?
To see whether the govt. is sincere about peace in valley, one would directly go through their work and check what new policies, doctrines govt. has came up with, for the promotion of peace. Like other years 2017 proved to be same, the blood of Kashmiri’s kept on flowing, the peace which was promised to the people of Kashmir is distant and remained a dream only. Once again, the govt.’s decisions, policies, and activities took peace far away from Kashmir. BJP-PDP led govt. after 2016 unrest had different plans altogether. Their policies, the work of their agencies were more horrible, terrifying, and scary. For the promotion of peace the central govt. knowing that, Kashmir has recently gone through 6 months long unrest but still they started to interfere with Art 35A, the Article that holds the Jammu and Kashmir with the union of India, the article that is the existence of the state and its individuals. It is the identity of Kashmir, the central government wants to abrogate it, and the state government acts like a mute spectator. Although the Supreme Court has been deferring its hearing continuously but the intention of the govt. at the centre seems quite visible.
The 2nd horrifying and awful work was the braid chopping. It has nearly been 2 months and the govt. and police agencies pretend to be unaware about the braid choppers. The irony is, J&K police department, pleading ignorance about the matter, the police department who will tell you everything about the stone palter within minutes and the department who carved out the alleged persons involved in the lynching of DYSP within days. Their work does not allow one to believe what they claim. The people are directly blaming the govt. and its agencies for such shameful acts. The persons behind braid chopping are so talented and trained. After chopping braid of a woman, they become invisible until another women’s braid is chopped. Somehow, if by chance a person is caught by the people suspected of braid chopping don’t know why the suspect always is a madman or a non local labourer. This as well, snatched the peace and freedom of the women folk which the govt. was promising to them through various policies.
Now when the situation is improving and Darbar is shifted the govt. has come up with another terrible news that is the opening of liquor shop at the Sheik-ul-Aalam International Airport. If liquor shop has to be opened at the airport then what was the fun of naming it on Muslim saints name, does the two things match anywhere? The govt. is testing patience of people of the valley. In a Muslim majority state, the govt. is opening liquor shop at its airport not to ease natives, but to please foreigners and the tourists. Well does govt. really want peace or they want the Kashmir to boil again and keep it boiling and let the people of the valley suffer. The govt. has to understand that in order to bridge the gap between the two and bring peace back to the valley. It has to come up with the policies that remove differences between govt. and Kashmir’s and this will certainly not happen by opening liquor shops at airports or by cutting the braid of its better half or of the one under whose feet lies the key to paradise.

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