ITTIFAAQ organizes mental health seminar in Kashmir University

Syed Irshad Geelani Srinagar
May 16, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 160 Views
ITTIFAAQ organizes mental health seminar in Kashmir University

Ittifaaq (a nonprofit organist ion) in collaboration with Kashmir University “Department of student welfare” on Wednesday organizes a seminar on mental health at Gandhi bhawan.

A seminar was conduct under the slogan of “Beadaarr” which aims to spread awareness about mental health.

Mr Arshid Husain (leading psychiatrist) was chief guest on the occasion. Mrs Zoya (Counseling psychiatrist) and many other volunteers were part of the seminar.

“During 2000-2001, there were merely few psychiatrists in the valley when the number of patients complaining about the mental issues was approximately 1 lakh, now the rise in number of psychiatrists is changing the old ratio but at the same time number of mental health cases are also on rise which needs to be taken care of”, said Dr. Arshid

Recent research on “mental health in Kashmir” conducted by (Doctors without border). Reported half of the residents of the valley have mental health problem. According to the report about 45% Kashmir adult population suffers from mental health distress majority of whom owe the reason to the conflict

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