JK’s diverse culture makes it unique: Lal Singh

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February 20, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 492 Views
JK’s diverse culture makes it unique: Lal Singh

Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology, Choudhary Lal Singh today said the State’s unique culture, diverse languages and spellbound folk music bestow it a special identity across the sub-continent.

Speaking during a felicitation ceremony for young Acupressure specialist, Dr Neeraj Vohra, who has bagged gold medal recently in his discipline, the Minister said Jammu and Kashmir is a unique place with the equally unique and diverse languages, folk music and other cultural aspects. He said the indigenous ethnic character of the State shouldn’t be eroded with the hollow concepts and “slogans of modernism.”

The function was being organized by Akashwani Doordarshan Casual Artists Association Jammu in collaboration with Nami Dogri Sanastha.

Lal Singh said with the advancement in Science and Technology, we should imbibe modern trends but not at the cost of our identity, mother tongue and culture.

“Those speaking their mother tongue are looked down in our society, which is really worrisome,” he said, adding that we have to accept modernism, advancement but should not leave our mother tongue and other cultural values aside,” he added.

The Minister exhorted the students to take it as their onerous responsibility to dedicate themselves to socio-cultural excellence and cultural unity for preserving rich traditions of the State. He said it is heartening to note that that State possesses massive talent and there is a dire need to chisel out such students and young generation who would lead our State at the National and International forums. He also called for preserving Sate’s ageless message of communal harmony and socio-cultural ethos.

Lal Singh said the Government and other private educational institutes should play a commendable role in the field of education and for promotion of cultural excellence.

Singh further highlighted the importance of the mother tongue and taking it to new heights. He urged the students not to shun their language and roots. He also urged school administration not to force students to speak only in English.

“English is just another language, you shouldn’t be ashamed of speaking your own languages, which give you the identity,” the Minister said. He also highlighted the importance of the modern education, saying that the there is a need of convergence to enrich the quality of the education.

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